How to Clean a Ping Pong Table Perfectly

how to clean a ping pong table


Having a great ping pong table in your game room or backyard doesn’t make you cool. Specifically when you leave it dirty and sandy over time. Being a true lover of the table play, you gotta keep your equipment in their best possible state. It starts with cleaning the components, and so, requires you to know how to clean a ping pong table as the very basic.

Many enthusiasts keep ping pong tables in their house, garages, basements, or outdoor living spaces. The table is somewhat delicate of an item, especially the top portion. It is important that you keep your Ping-Pong table clear of any debris and maintain it properly in order to experience the finest play.

Why Clean A Ping Pong Table?

It is important that you clean your table. Dust piles up and wrecks your table’s looks. Plus, wide layers of dust and debris are actually damaging the quality of your table. It takes not more than 10 minutes of your time every week to clean that. So it will not hurt at all. And there are good reasons to do so!

First, you have to understand that how often you need to clean your table depends on where you keep it. It is simple that a table located in a finished game room will gather less dust and debris than a table kept in a garage or basement.

Now, you are asking “how do I clean my ping pong table”?

Well, let’s give you a two-step formula on how to clean a ping pong table. As a general practice, you should wipe down the table with a dry, soft cloth after each use. Maintaining this regularly will keep the table clean and free of dirt under the most situation if done properly. So consider this as a regular practice.

But what if you want to do an in-depth cleaning? Well, in that case, you have to prepare a cleaning agent. There are many ways to make one, so let us see it in some more details.

Step 1

First, make a light, non-toxic cleaner to do a deeper cleaning once every two to three months. So first, let us talk about some of the nonabrasive cleaning agents you can use.

Some people claim that cleaning their ping pong tables with one of the many “all-purpose” cleaners is amazing, and it cleans very well, safely. They can effectively remove dirt, debris, and anything that afflicts the table. But the truth is that they can also strip off the paint from your valued table.

So, it is somewhat risky, right? Well, if you do not want that, then I am going to intervene about something else. Let me talk about some home-made cleaners that will get the cleaning done just fine, but without any downside!

White Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is generally considered an all-natural cleaner. As a cleaning agent, it works in a myriad of formulas. But several varieties of it might leave some stains behind, so it is better to limit your choices only to pure distilled white vinegar. It is the safest among all.

Let’s start off by filling a spray bottle. Start with 1 part of distilled white vinegar with 5 of part water, shake well until thoroughly mixed.

Warm Water

best microfiber clothUsing warm water could be one of the simplest possible ways to clean your ping pong table. To get the cleaning done without any kind of saturation, use a microfiber cloth along with a bucket of warm water. Clean softly, and then dust-dry it. Do not rub too hard as it might make the shiny marks appear on the table top.

Cleaning this was is best if you are worried about changing the appearance of the table.

Step 2

Once you’ve acquired your desired cleaner, start by removing the net from the ping pong table and then spray your solution down. First, take a dry, clean cloth and start brushing the entire surface down. Keep doing this till you scrub each square inch of the table.

After you complete spreading the solution down all over your table, go back and get a new one.

But here’s a caution – If you have used white vinegar, then dump the cleaning cloth in fresh water to get rid of any excess vinegar. Because the excess vinegar can leave stains on the table top. But if you have used warm water instead, then just dry that off with a clean piece of cloth.

After several hours, you will get a dry, fresh and clean ping pong table. That’s ready to give you countless hours of leisure!

Finally, you will have to install the net again. But during your maintenance session, you might want to do another step by oiling the moving parts of the table with any lubricant. It will enhance the overall performance as well as protect it from wear and tear, especially during movement of the table.

Although it’s not necessary, you might want to get a special cleaner specialized to be used with a ping pong. Those cleaners are really good and you can check them out.

You can use a normal cloth or microfiber cloth to clean your table. But a good quality microfiber cloth is better for wiping the table after every play.

Ping pong tables are built of wood. It means there is a risk of over-saturating it with water. So, while wiping your table’s surface, try to avoid drenching your cleaning clothes too much. It will lessen the lifetime of table’s body. And another point to note is to avoid using any bleach-based or abrasive cleaners, as they cause the tear of the top part.

And the final advice. When you don’t use the table, keep it covered. It can save you from a lot of troubles. And it keeps the table from getting too dusty.


Got it Now?

So if you follow this guide, hopefully, all of your ping pong equipment will last a long time. I hope this article helped you learn how to clean a ping pong table and find what option you want to go to with, and we have a proper guide on how to clean a ping pong paddle and try to check the best ping pong table in 2018 on the market. Best of luck!


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