How to Clean a Ping Pong Paddle Properly

how to clean a ping pong paddle


So you have found a great ping pong paddle, eh? It is responsive, has got a good gripped rubber and loops almost do themselves. It delivers a perfect shot while playing the game and it’s comfortable in your hand.

Yeah, you can marvel at a paddle like this. But if you want your paddle to last long and keep well-performing, you need to maintain it properly.

Quite a few people don’t understand this and as a result, they’re in a need of repeatedly buying replacements. Here are some tips on how to clean a ping pong paddle in the right way. Following this advice will help to lengthen your paddles life. And keep it more tactile, and responsive to your ping pong ball.


So, Why Clean Your Paddles?

Did you notice that how a brand new paddle works so well and a paddle that is old, lying around for a long time collecting dust does not? This is because new rubber is clean and it has got more springiness as well as better grip. It is more responsive to hitting the ping pong ball effectively.

While playing, every time a ping pong ball touches the playing surface or is held by a player, it gets to pick up dirt, sludge, and oil. And then the ball transfers those substances to the surface of the racket as the two comes in contact. The buildup of debris on a paddle’s playing surface reduces the adhesion of the rubber.

This means you will get less grip and control of your ball for a hit. It will cause inconsistencies in your paddle’s grip of the surface and interfere with the performance of the paddle. Dust and debris have a weary effect, leading to premature decay of the rubber top.

And for this reason, it’s recommended that you clean the surface of your bat after each match. Below are some of the best ways you can follow to clean your paddle’s rubber surface.


Water and Sponge

This is the cheapest way to keep your paddle clean. Use warm water and a standard kitchen sponge to do this. Wet the sponge and wipe gently the surface of your paddle’s rubber till you notice that the dirt, debris, and other particle are getting loose and coming off. Try to rub gently, and avoid vigorous scrubbing as it will damage the rubber.

If you notice the buildup of oily substances and dirt on the top, then first let the rubber skin soak for some time. It will help loosen the oil bond and then you can wipe it away. Keep repeating this process until the rubber gets to feel tacky again. Then let it dry in the air for a bit.

You can go with a regular day to day sponge or you can also use a specialized sponge that is designed exclusively for table tennis rackets. They’ll cost you some little extra money, but they provide really good results and work more efficiently. But regular sponges will work well too here.


Rubber Cleaning Solutions

If you don’t want to work with plain water and a sponge, you could also use a rubber cleaning solution. They come in two forms – sprays and foams. There are few different brands out the in the market and they can help you cut the buildup oil and dust fairly faster than plain water.

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Although some table tennis players suggest using these products, others have reported that they destroy the rubber faster. If you want to go with this option nonetheless, read the labels and try to find a solution that has a gentle cleaning agent and does not leave a harsh conditioning residue. By doing this you can avoid your ping pong paddle’s rubber top getting oxidized and aged faster than normal.


Toothbrush Method 

Some prefer rackets with pimpled rubber as it hits more spin the other ones. So if you have one like this, then cleaning with a sponge will not make it clean. You will need to go for using a toothbrush. Like water and sponge method, dampen the brush before using it on the paddle. You can use water or any specialized cleaning agent to use it with the brush.

After soaking the brush, rub it against the paddle’s pimpled surface. Get into small pimples and remove any dirt you see collected there. After doing this let it air dry for some time. This will give you a more responsive surface


Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Paddle 

Some people use a little amount of regular detergent to clean their rackets. Don’t do this. Because some of the elements in most cleaners are severe and cause a great amount of abrasion on your paddle, causing a total damage. They dry the rubber out and make it more brittle. This will cause your paddle’s rubber to lose life in a short time, invariably causing you to get a replacement again.

Some cleaning products have bleach or alcohol inside. Avoid them too. They will cause the same kind of deterioration on your rubber, as the detergent.


Some More Tips on How to Clean a Ping Pong Paddle

It’s always a good idea to try to cover your paddle when you are not using it. It will protect the paddle from the buildup of dust and oil when unused. This will keep it dirt free as well as better in overall condition. Also, keep it away from extreme hot or cold temperatures. It will break the rubber down in no time. In fact, you’ll see a similar effect if you leave it in the air.

This happens because rubber goes to faster oxidation when in contact with air. So it is recommended that you keep the paddle covered in a protective plastic sheet. To avoid getting in contact with air all the time.

As you clean the playing surface of the rackets, don’t forget to wipe the handles down. They get dirty as well. The mix of sweat, body oil, and other smudges from your hands can in time break down the cohesion of the substances.

So if you clean your paddle using any of the aforementioned methods, it’s absolutely okay for you to expect it to last longer, and we have also reviewed the best ping pong paddle in 2018, and you can check on how to clean a ping pong table perfectly ,  Best luck on beating the ball with your paddles!

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