Best Ping Pong Table Reviews To Buy In 2018

What happens if I guide you to the best ping pong table for your budget? Sure as heck, this is what I have done in this all in all article.

It is the most important equipment of the table tennis game, right? I mean, if the table is a waste then you are dead. And you can’t even rest in peace, at least with such an itchy nightmare!

No worries. Because in this very article, you are gonna learn to identify the best ping pong table that serves your individual needs. You have an effective buying guide, FAQ session and most important of all- 30 different ping pong table reviews. What is more, I have categorized them based on their prices and went in depth with the reviews.

Yeah, ping pong tables are expensive shards of entertainment. So before you rush to the reviews and pick a random one from the list, halt right there! Spare a bit of time and set your budget no matter if it is under $500, within $1000 or $1000 and above.

I have gathered 10 products for each of the budget criteria. So hopefully, you will find the one that comes within your budget and rocks the quality benchmarks. With no unnecessary boring talks, let’s dive into the core part of this article.

Select a menu according to your budget.

What Are the Best Ping Pong Table under $500?

For newbies and beginners, 500 bucks is a sack full of money. I swear these are the bests that I would consider as my first purchase. Below are the top 10 best ping pong tables that fall under the beginner’s budget.

1. JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade Table Tennis Table | Best Indoor Ping Pong Table Under $500 


JOOLA Rally TL 300 15mm 58 Inch Professional Grade

Want to bring tournament quality at home? Well, Joola Rally TL 300 is an indoor table of professional grade. It is a regulation-sized ping pong table that comes with the net set, corner ball holder, and abacus scorer. With reliable ball bounce, durable top, thick steel legs, trolley-like-mobility and so on, this stands out from other tables in the nearing price range. If you want to be super happy with a purchase, I recommend this one.


  • Its 5/8 inch robust tabletop hosts remarkable bounce and durability for players of all ranks. This medium density multilayer fiberboard features silky white striping directly printed on the tabletop. It creates an extraordinary surface that delivers higher bounce and optimum resilience.
  • Each half of the Joola Rally TL 300 is usable as out-of-the-way multi-functional tables. Plus, playback position allows solo practicing while the unit stays as a whole. In this case, a table half unfolds using the automatic anti-tilting locks. For mobility terms, collapsible halves travel on wheel based trolleys.
  • The indoor table incorporates a tournament grade clamp-style net with tension adjustments. This makes assembly easy enough and attachments done within seconds. Setting up from the box to play might need around 15 minutes in reality.
  • Joola Rally TL 300 holds four ball holders in each of the corners. It has also got two magnetic abacus scorers and adds classiness to any home. Each of the four ball-holders can hold up to 3 Joola ping pong balls.
  • Its tough powder-coated steel legs have rubber leg levelers to escape unwanted scratches on the floor. They also facilitate on-demand height adjustments for perfectly level playing surfaces on uneven grounds.
  • There is a 1.5-inch apron across the top of the table. It aids for uneven bounce all over the table surface. And that is an exceptional feature.
  • 5/8 Inch Charcoal Table Top
  • 3 Inch Locking Casters
  • USATT approved Net Set
  • Tube Aprons & Safety Latch
  • Hassle Free Compact Storage
  • Mmm. Felt pretty good with the Joola Rally TL 300 performance and durability benchmarks. But maybe it doesn’t cover any warranty. Still, this outstands many expensive models. Too good!

2. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table | Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Under 500 


STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you are tired of pushing your furniture off the room to fit in a ping pong table, then STIGA XTR could be the best outdoor table to get a hold on to. There is hardly a thing you can hate about this unit. It is heavy-duty and durable with the sturdy self-opening legs and undercarriage. STIGA XTR is chock-full of all the features you can expect from a quality ping pong table. It is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables for the money. 


  • The model comes pre-assembled out of the box. So setting up the table for play is a breeze. As it is already 95% assembled, you can set it up as wick as within 10 minutes. So, maneuverability won’t be a problem.
  • Its Aluminum composite tabletop provides an all-weather performance. It has a steel apron support with silkscreen stripe lining printed on the top. You get an even finish that is rust, sun damage, and warping-proof.
  • With the self-opening legs, you can fold it within the blinks of an eye. Also, it features a unique design to separate each of the table halves. Use them as freestanding tables or store them in any congested area nesting into one another.
  • It has 1.25-inch square steel legs that ensure great strength to the table. Its adjustable rubber leg levelers assist in uneven grounds creating level playing surfaces. Opening or closing the table halves is convenient as the self-opening feature deploys impulsively.
  • STIGA XTR boasts 3-inch ball bearing wheels for smooth transportability. The wheels are all lockable, and they lock tight keeping the table in a stable and safe state. The table also has a safety latch system underneath. It locks the table halves when you fold them in an upright position. This blocks accidental openings.
  • The table has a removable net and post with string tension adjustment. So you have the freedom to put the premium exterior grade net on or off. However, the net post comes with a threaded clamp attachment that makes the job easier.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Responsive Ball Bounce
  • Superb Undercarriage System
  • Also Usable as Indoors
  • I know this table very well. It has no bummer that I can quote. Just the bounce is not as good as indoor tables. It is an outdoor table in the first place.

3. JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Table | Best Ping Pong Table for Family Fun 


JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum

Joola ping pong tables are popular amongst the table tennis enthusiasts. Not just because of their price, but mostly for the excellent playability. This one is a good and less expensive table tennis table that you can use both inside and outside of your house. It is designed for the outdoors and born to tolerate rough weather and terrains. Joola offers consistence bounce even after years of play. It could be the best investment for your family entertainment.


  • The Joola Outdoor Table has an aluminum-plastic composite surface just like my previous pick. Warping and chipping like problems are unlikely as these are built of a synthetic laminate to deal with typical outdoor issues. Being ideal for weather conditions, the table also amuses users with superior bounce all the year round.
  • It combines a durable frame and firm legs to sustain years of extreme outdoor play. Its 30×30 mm steel frame is rust-resistant and powder-coated. And, the legs add stability with adjustable height levelers. While playing on bumpy surfaces, these levelers help to get an even surface for play.
  • The table is a space saver with the detachable folding halves. Thus making it easy and compact to store in tight spaces. You can transport the table much easier with the separate halves as you don’t have to face the weight of a whole table. Or, you can also move the table as a whole.
  • It smoothly glides on its three-inch rock-solid caster wheels regardless of the terrain you push through. Lockable caster wheels in each table half safeguard immovability during the game and storage. Four caster wheels on each half of the table, so you experience effortless maneuverability.
  • Consistent bounce elevates the game to a new level. Whether you play tournaments or go solo practicing with its playback position, the fun is endless.
  • It brings in an easy to install weather-proof net set and adjustable post combination. The blue net is stain-proof and long lasting for a greater lifespan.
  • No Maintenance Hassle
  • Durable Tabletop Finish
  • Superior Consistent Bounce
  • Compact Storage Advantage
  • 15 Minute Easy Assembly
  • Indoor Usability
  • Another great table with no major cons. Nonetheless, I have noticed occasional players, specifically the teens take time to synch with the bounce. And this is not a problem if you know it.

4. STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table | Best Indoor Table Tennis Table for Office or Home 


STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table could be the best ping pong table if you are planning your home or office leisure. It comes perfectly ready for competitions. Just like the STIGA XTR reviewed as my number 1 pick, it has a quick 10-minute quick assembly. The unit folds up as a whole and separately, and rolls effortlessly on terrains. Honestly speaking, this model literally has features like the previous table tennis table from Stiga.


  • It has independent table halves backed by its unique chassis design. You can have two completely separate halves, which allows ultra-compact storage through mutual nesting. However, each half incorporates independent caster beams for easy detachment from the middle.
  • The Advantage model comes with a 1.5 inch welded steel tube aprons. These give superior support to the top of the table for consistent and even bounce. Plus, it also has long-lasting black matte powder coating finish. This prevents the table to warp over time.
  • It rolls on eight ball-bearing wheels that integrates locking mechanism. This keeps the table glide effortlessly over surfaces. And, you lock the wheels for steadiness while playing and safety in case of storage.
  • Its thick square shaped legs are also powder coated for a premium feel. This makes the base structure or undercarriage of the table reliably strong. The legs are self-opening and they feature rubber leg levers to avoid scratches on the floor. Besides, you get to adjust the height where the floor is a little bumpy for even play surface.
  • In terms of bounce and durability, the tabletop is sure to offer all-around performance. It is 5/8 inch thick, which is good enough, and UV cured after several roller coat finishing. This altogether creates a smooth to touch, hard-wearing and optimum performance playing surface.
  • Premium Cotton-blend Net
  • Easy Clamp System Net Post
  • Incredibly Compact for Storage
  • Extraordinary Playing Surface
  • Consistent Playability
  • No issues at all! You might need an adjustable wrench for the assembly. That is a tip, not a con. This is one of the very best indoor table tennis table in the market.

5. Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table | Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Accessories 


Harvil Outsider table

Harvil is a well-known brand in indoor sports equipment. However, by the product name, you already know it is actually made for the outdoors. Harvil products are built to last with their convenient design. This durable, portable and easy-to-store table comes with a complete package full of surprises. You get 4 rackets, 8 balls and handy storage bag apart from the net and post. A protective cover for folding and storing the table is included in the package.


  • It has a weather-proof tabletop made of aluminum. This withstands outdoor wind, moisture and heat impacts and protects the table surface for sleek and smooth games. Powder-coated steel frame supports the top of the table when assembled.
  • The unit is foldable and compact. It can be folded for a playback purpose or storage convenience. Lockable mechanism helps lock and unlock the wheels for storage stability and using portability at times.
  • It is a basic full sized table tennis table with a 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inches dimension. This is pretty much the same as every other indoor and outdoor tables. However, the whole unit weighs around 148 lbs altogether.
  • Assembly is simple and straightforward and it takes two people and a minimum of 30 minutes of approximate time. No additional assembly tool is required.
  • Comes with all the accessories included in the package to start a game. This is what users loved about the Harvil Outsider table tennis table in most cases.
  • Great for Backyard Fun
  • Lockable Wheels & Sturdy Frame
  • Strong Undercarriage
  • Easy Assembly
  • Net included kind of creates a disturbance to users at some extents. And, a bit less solid for the price it takes.

6. Harvil I, Indoor Table Tennis Table | Best Budget Indoor Table Tennis Table Under $400 


 Harvil I, Indoor This solid game table from Harvil is quite a good pick for the budget. It arrives with wooden top and powder coated steel legs. I won’t say this has all the bells and whistles it could have. But, this is yet convenient and durable for years of play.


  • It does incline a solid, reliable tabletop that is braced all around by a powder coated steel frame. Just like all the average quality table tennis table, but this is something that counts.
  • Foldable for solo practicing all alone. It sounds more of a basic feature, but for your information, not all the tables have this playback mode advantage.
  • Its easy locking system allows the wheels to lock firmly in its place. This makes the unit immobile and mobile at times. You get eight lockable wheels for rolling at ease.
  • The folding feature folds the table in the middle of it. Each halves nests into one another facing the top front part. Push it to a corner of the room and make additional space.
  • Includes long-lasting net and two strong posts within the package. Legs have rubber feet underneath to avoid scuffs and marks on the floor. And yes, they are adjustable for heights.
  • Easy Minimal Assembly
  • Well-made and Reliable
  • Fantastic Family Entertainer
  • Good Undercarriage System
  • I have heard some bubbles of shortcomings. But that was logically negligible. Duh! It is one of the best table tennis tables under 500.

7. JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set | Best Budget Table Tennis Table 


JOOLA Inside 15mm

Joola’s bestselling table tennis table is this Inside 15 mm Table. If you are looking for an affordable indoor table tennis table, this professional grade sleek and wood composite piece justifies your attention.


  • Compared to other tables at the price range, this comes almost pre-assembled at your doorstep. Being a two piece table, this doesn’t give you any plague of the four pieced critical assembly jobs. It barely takes 15 minutes for two of you.
  • It is super easy to roll and fold up for ultra-compact storage. You have lockable wheels, self-opening sturdy legs and rock-solid undercarriage construction for durable and reliable use at a long stretch of time.
  • Joola Inside 15 Table tennis table is USAAT approved along with the net set. Furthermore, the net and post allow ease in tension adjustments and removable clamp installation. The quality promises to last for years after years.
  • It has a robust dark blue table top of 5/8 inch thickness, which is made of heavy-duty wood material. The white stripes printed on the table are silk screened. Altogether, the top initiates optimum quality bounce for a consistent period of play.
  • Locking casters on wheels, safety latch to prevent unexpected openings, tube aprons for better bounce and the list goes on. These features make the Insider 15 a perfect candidate for your money.
  • Surpasses Your Expectations
  • Solid Undercarriage & Top
  • Unquestionably Long-lasting
  • Piece of Cake Assembly
  • Optimum Playability
  • Nothing to worry, absolutely! I have learned some of the fellow enthusiasts faced some drawbacks, but those were due to delivery issues only.

8. Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table 

 Viper Arlington Indoor

Well, this wonder is no different than those earlier picks in this compilation. The Viper Arlington is a cool piece by our North American manufacturer; GLD products. The sexy black surface with red trim would easily lure the people around it. Ignore the price fluctuation and this will worth the buy.

Features It Partakes

  • Serves your basic thirst for play with foldable halves and solo practicing advantage. The separable halves allow storage convenience in case you need to make extra room at any sudden moment. Just fold it and then push to the corners of your room.
  • The whole structure stands on metal constructed sturdy legs placing it firmly on the surface. Durable 2-inches wheels help it rolling along your floors or room ground. Plus, locks on each wheel make certain it is securely stored or not while play or at rest.
  • It comes mostly assembled, so you don’t have many headaches. Just putting on the legs and wheel locks is what you have to go through. And, it may take around thirty minutes. However, screws can seem a bit tricky, therefore, two-person will do best.
  • Play experience on this table is a charm. Decent ball bounce, better traction, and you don’t lose control of the ball as it travels all the way over the surface. This is not a cheap product, the robust and responsive tabletop proves it to you.
  • It boasts a high-quality surface associated with a solid net. Adjustable feet and slightly bigger legs make this 8 wheel system an awesome mid-range table for amateurs. The red frame on striking black top gives a sharper look for sure.
  • Attractive Appearance for Indoors
  • Best Mid-range Bang for the Buck
  • Strong Construction and Durable Undercarriage
  • Performs all-round for Home Enthusiasts
  • Tabletop catches marks of everything that comes in touch – your fingerprints, nails, abrasions, indents – so you have to spend a significant amount of your time keeping it noticeably clean.

9. STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table | Cheapest Table Tennis Table from STIGA 


STIGA Space Saver

This is probably the cheapest of table tennis tables in today’s market sold by STIGA. It barely costs around 300 bucks. And by the name, you can guess another fun fact about the unit. It is one of the smallest table tennis table as well, with an extremely compact size of 71” L x 40.5” W x 30” dimensions. So if you are tight on budget, that’s okay. But when you are tight on spaces too? You are left with no alternatives than this.


  • This model does not require an assembly headache. You just unpack the table and open the folds to lay on the grounds. You can store its independent table halves together or away for highest flexibility in storage terms. Easy as sweet!
  • It has 5/8 inch good enough tabletop, despite the fact being a cheap product from STIGA. Along with the silkscreen striping, the repeat roller coating finish enhances the surface with more smoother and level feel.
  • The square welded steel legs are powder coated and thick enough. This lifts the durability of the unit while molded leg levelers allow height adjustment. Plus, you have no tension of scratching onto your beautiful floor.
  • Its tubular aprons support the upper part of the table giving you an efficient bounce for the play. 1.25-inch wide powder coated aprons provide a loftier support all across the tabletop. And, it creates a fashionable look too.
  • The table comprises a small sized net following the table width. It has an easy to attach post on which the net sets tight. Thanks to its string tension adjustment.
  • Best for Tight Spaces
  • Quality Grade Tabletop
  • Super Easy Assembly
  • Beats the Price
  • Durable Indeed
  • Yes, cheap and small. Luckily, does not come with any shortcomings. After all, what else do you expect from such an outstanding table? It’s perfect for two people matches.

10. JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table | Cheapest Table Tennis Table from Joola 


JOOLA Midsize Compact

Pardon me sir, because I would like to give you a shock! No kidding, this one is frantically cheap. Wondering why? Well, this too comes 100% preassembled just like the previous STIGA model. It is regulation grade and boasts a robust build quality delivering excellent playability for two players. All these just for roughly 200. Someone has definitely gone mad.


  • This midsize table is two-thirds of a regulation size table which makes this fit into smallest of rooms. However, the height of the table is still the same as standard full-size tables. Plus, the perfectly square halves act as multi-purpose tables.
  • Its 36×36 inch halves are so compact in size that you can easily store them under your bed or behind the closet. Even, you have no problem transporting it in your car storage at the backside.
  • Comes with easy attachable net and screw clamp design post. The strong enough metal legs come already attached to the table. You just unfold them and set the table on your floor flat.
  • The table is practical for different aspects of table needs. Especially if you have kids in the house, this table is their multi-tasking friend all around the day.
  • Made for Small Spaces
  • Extremely Compact & Light
  • Delivered 100% Pre-assembled
  • Multi-purpose Usage
  • As this is totally made for indoors, unfortunately, doesn’t have levelers at the bottom of the legs. So there might be some scratching on the floor. Who knows! Still, users find it great for kids. Oh wait, you can’t switch to playback mode with this. Do you need it anyway? Think yourself.

Five hundred dollar is not a bad budget for a table tennis table, only if you know how to choose. Above are the selected pieces available on the market that are guaranteed to worth your money.


Best Ping Pong Table Under $1000 For Home & Outdoors

Nice! You get what you pay for, and for table tennis equipment, the more is better. So here is my selection of the 10 best ping pong tables under $1000, both indoors and outdoors. 

1. Kettler #SketchPong Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table | Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table Under $900 


Kettler #SketchPong Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This seems kind of peculiar, doesn’t it? I mean, the first look at this ITTF approved table will ignite some questions. You did notice the wheels in the middle, right? Whatever, this is our first pick for table tennis tables under 1000 dollar. Sure as heck, there are reasons behind this. 


  • It is a German Technology product manufactured in Kettler’s own facilities in Germany. Therefore, the table boasts high precision and unmatched quality construction to entertain you for years.
  • The top of the table has an innovative chalkboard like coating. This adds an extra bit of fun while your play. You can doodle and write down things using a chalk, then wipe them clean leaving no marks at all.
  • Each of its table halves concludes a ball box where you can keep your balls stored. Just fill it in using the open flap and take out one from the dispenser, as you need.
  • It has soft touch corner protectors on every corner. These edge protectors are removable and ensure safety while transportation. Plus, you don’t get injured while accidentally bumping into the pointy corners.
  • Its AluTech Climate Control technology protects the table from weather effects. This makes it a great outdoor table of true bounce with the internal wood composite core. The legs come built-in floor protectors that are height adjustable for placing the table.
  • Tested to withstand any Weather
  • Anti-dazzle UV-resistant Surface
  • Top-notch German Construction
  • Rocks both Indoor & Outdoor
  • Certified True Bounce
  • No cons so far. But yeah, it is a pricey piece. But considering what it partakes, it calls for much more.

2. Cornilleau 100S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue | Best Entry Level Ping Pong Table 


Cornilleau 100S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue

The 100S Crossover Indoor Outdoor Blue is such a magnificent table that will leave you with zero complaints. It performs great as an outdoor table tennis table and is easy to set up and fold. This proves this as a dual performer in terms of playing preferences. Supposedly, it is unpredictable to go wrong with this one from Cornileau.


  • The assembly is reasonable although it guises to be a complex process. Fold and unfold the table according to your needs. Gliding the table over surfaces is easy as well.
  • Its laminated top is pretty solid and dense for outdoor tournaments. It is weather resistant and does not warp or extend due to rough conditions like; wind, snow or rain. The playing surface has also come through anti-corrosion treatments.
  • The model features a weatherproof durable polyester net and post. It guarantees a lengthy use up to dozens of months without a replacement.
  • It has a sturdy frame and undercarriage structure in-associated with galvanized steel legs. The legs have adjustable feet and easy n safe folding feature for storage and playback positions.
  • Rigid and Reliable Undercarriage
  • 1.5 Inch Structural Steel Frame
  • Excellent Playing Surface
  • Two Racket Storage
  • Easy to Put Together
  • The bounce might seem a bit different than standard indoor tables. However, getting used to this is only a matter of time.

3. Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table | Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Under $800 


Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor

Kettler stands out from most other indoor-outdoor tables when it comes to economic standards. The table tennis brand always delights you with a good load of cool features. Top Start XL is one of those very few models that confirms great value for your hard-earned cash.


  • Its tournament top offers true bounce all across the table. With the climate control technology, its AluTec top provides an ultra-smooth and insightful surface. This assures optimal playability for years of fun.
  • The table folds down at the middle, thus making it compact for storage. And, its dual lock DLS Safety mechanism guards the table to accidentally fold or unfold. Furthermore, the 5.5-inch sized wheel casters enable easy and safe rolling with two unified lockable wheels.
  • It has an aluminum apron around the top, which has a UV and weather resistant finish. White screen lines are printed on the double layer coated surface. Aluminum top sheet, resin treated board and honeycomb AluTec underline are framed inside the square-shaped aluminum bracket.
  • The Dual wheel casters with locking system initiate easy transportation with a low center of gravity design. Plus, it has two stylish racket holders on both sides of the width, lockable latches, and buttons to release the halves.
  • Sturdy Tabletop
  • Consistent Bounce
  • German-made Piece
  • Quality Construction
  • Easily Transportable
  • Some users felt the assembly not as easy as expected. The manual is not that helpful for instructions, this is why.

4. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table with | Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Accessory Bundle 


Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor

The Champ 5.0 is nearly a champ in performance benchmarks. It is a bit pricey and almost over a thousand dollar cost. If you want a good looking outdoor table tennis table for playing tournaments with your folks, better eye on this. This comes with all the outdoor accessories you need to start a match.


  • It has two-inch powder coated steel legs that are galvanized to resist corrosion. Kettler’s patented AcuTec technology shelters the table board in aluminum. It protects the table from rough weather attacks and ensures a long-life.
  • The unit is engineered to withstand warping and damages from heat, with its 2.25-inch resin apron. To avoid unintended opening and closure, the table also has adopted a patented lock mechanism.
  • Comes with free accessories including; 2 Kettler Halo 5.0 branded rackets, 3 pieces of 3-star ping pong balls, and a premium outdoor cover by Kettler. For paddles and balls, the table has holders on its sides.
  • It is equipped with 6-inch dual caster wheels incorporated with the rubberized surface to transport and store effortlessly. Floor levelers under each leg aid adjustments while placing the table flat.
  • The tabletop’s 7/8 inch thickness is certified to produce a true bounce. It encapsulates resin treated board in aluminum and seals the wood for an ideal resilience.
  • Dual Lock Safety
  • Racket and Ball Holder
  • All in One Ready Bundle
  • Advanced Built Quality
  • Best for the Buck
  • Did not notice any cons so far. This could be the best outdoor table tennis table under 1000 buck budget. No doubt.

5. JOOLA Inside 18mm Table Tennis Table | Best Indoor Table Tennis Table Under $700 


JOOLA Inside 18mm

You know what? I’m frustrated at this point of the article. Trust me, I have no obsession with Joola branded tables. I really don’t, but you know their product reputation. Joola tables are identical and all the same when you talk about features. However, a slight change among models can be seen.


  • Its multilayer ¾ inch thick surface is thicker than 70% of other leisure game tables. So you get tournament quality at home with a reliable and consistent ball bounce.
  • Combines a tournament grade net and clamp style post for easy and quick attachment. Unfold one half and go solo to play by yourself all alone.
  • Arrives almost assembled, you just attach the legs taking a 15-minute time span. There is a four wheel trolley for carrying the folded halves while on the roll.
  • The 5/8 inch dark blue tabletop offers excellent durability and bounce. With the support from its sturdy undercarriage, it delivers an evenly outrageous playing surface for all type of players.
  • Its stable 1.5-inch legs support the table with rubber leg levelers. This makes your floor safe from unwanted scratches and lifts the table by legs where it requires a push.
  • Sturdy Tabletop and Reliable Bounce
  • Removable Clamp-style Net and Post
  • Easily Foldable and Compact
  • Long-lasting Construction
  • 95% Preassembled
  • Sorry to say, but no cons at all. Great table, you can definitely have one.

6. JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table | Best Table Tennis Table for Indoor and Outdoor 


JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor table

Another Joola! Yeah, they are killing it! The NOVA DX fits for both indoor and outdoor use and comes along with a waterproof net set. It is a 9×5 foot tournament grade full-size table tennis table. Having that said, it sets perfectly inside your garage, backyard or playground and etc.


  • This all-weather table has a 6 mm thick durable aluminum plastic composite tabletop surface. It lays on a rust resistant and powder coated undercarriage. The surface can withstand warping and chipping.
  • It sits on square shaped steel legs with adjustable leveling feet underneath. These help the table stand flat on any uneven terrain. Each half of the table rolls on two pairs of 3-inch heavy-duty wheels.
  • The table features automatic anti-tilting locks for quick and easy transformation to solo playing mode or playback position. And, as it comes preassembled you can set it up in less than 30 minutes.
  • Its completely separable halves make the table compatible for a tight storage and easy transportation. Locking devices ensure each(half) table is safe with the caster wheels while storage and play.
  • Each half is automatically locked whenever the table is folded. Its double anti-tilt locking provides safe storing and handling this way. Pressing the lever unfolds the table from the storage position.
  • All Weather Table
  • Two Piece Design
  • Compact and Mobile
  • Adjustable Leg Levelers
  • Too Much for the Price
  • The matching net could be of better quality. However, the unit costs nearly five hundred bucks. So you get pretty much of a good deal already.

7. Killerspin MyT4 Pocket Table Tennis Table | Best Table Tennis Table for Small Space 


Killerspin MyT4 Pocket Table

MyT4 Pocket is a little smaller piece than the traditional full-size tables. Not that pocket in size but is light on your pocket for what it takes. Drumrolls! Anyway, this table comes in two color choices and they are two different models in fact – MyT4 BluPocket and MyT4 BlackPocket. Identically all the same with just dissimilar colors.


  • The medium density table is a 15 mm fiberboard. It minimizes warping and other deformities, giving an unfailing bounce. A premium clip-on steel removable net and post system set in the middle of the table.
  • It has convenient ball pockets on each end that can hold up to eight balls alone. You don’t have to leave the table every time a ball goes lost out of the surface. A simple feature, but it adds more fun to the game and saves time.
  • The top has integrated paddle pockets beneath the table. These hidden compartments can store two paddles within each. Side pouches are no longer needed and you have full potential for your playroom.
  • It performs as great as it looks with spotless bounce and white and blue finish combination all the way around the tabletop. Assembly process is a breeze and can take 15 to 30 minutes from box to play.
  • Lockable casters, robust undercarriage and frame are the basic features of this table just like the other models reviewed in this longwinded article.
  • Ball & Racket Pockets
  • Synergy of Colors
  • Folds in Half Storage
  • 15 millimeter MDF Top
  • Performs Just As It Looks
  • None! Grab a hold of this, if you want countless family fun with a seemingly premium table tennis table. You won’t regret.

8. Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Vapor | Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table Under $600 


Stiga Outdoor Table - Vapor

Want an outdoor table that is likely to hold up to the weather? This outdoor game table feels more like an indoor table. It is simple and easy to put up and down and has dexterously crafted top. If you want to save a dime while spending on a table tennis table, carefully look at this piece. This might help!


  • It has a 6-millimeters thick blue top that affordably endures out of the house environment conditions. Also, it has silk-screen tournament lines printed on it. Again, Aluminum plastic composite construction adds greater value to the price.
  • The metal undercarriage is powder coated and can withstand rust and corrosion. Its ¾-inch trolley like lockable casters amplifies portability and storage comfort. 1.5-inch steel apron adds additional support to the table frame.
  • It lays flat on 1.5-inch thick steel plate welded legs. These legs have four levelers for lifting support if needed. Thus making it steady and even for better playability.
  • Comes easy to assembly with a two-piece collapsible folding design. Plus, all-encompassing outdoor net and post with clamp design post.
  • It is a regulation sized outdoor table tennis table which compatibly folds in playback and storage position for warm-up practice or abundance.
  • Weather Proof Technology
  • Arrives 90% Preassembled
  • Durable and Portable
  • Thick Table Surface
  • Great Buy for Price
  • Does not have a major hitch to conclude. I couldn’t find the negatives on this model. Safe purchase for sure.

9. Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Axos 1 | Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Under $600 


Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The German manufacturer knocks again! Axos 1 outdoor table tennis table lets you and your buddies enjoy the game outdoors. Different models(from Kettler) what I have chosen for this article claim those few common features as discussed earlier. However, this Axos 1 has trivial different traits as well.


  • Its non-glare waterproof aluminum surface is safe from harsh climate elements. Kettler’s patented ACU-TEC technology and certified true tournament bounce provides unmatched playing experience and strength.
  • It is armed with dual-wheeled casters for expedient portability. And, it has dual lever safety fold ensuring smooth and reliable opening and closing of the table.
  • The table partakes round shaped powder coated legs while its UV protective surface opts for implausible tournament bounce.
  • Lands with all the accessories you need to kick start a match. A protective cover for the table, 6 pack of balls, and two racquets – perfect for a duo game.
  • Tested for extreme outdoor environments, from sunny beaches to south poles. You stay stress-free with this unit for a couple of consecutive years.
  • 22-millimeter Thick Surface
  • True Tournament Bounce
  • Tested for Rough Outdoors
  • Optimum Quality Bounce
  • All Accessories Included
  • To my concern, assembly seemed a pain in the ass. Takes an hour or more for two and couple of hours for one to set it up.

10. JOOLA Tour 1800 Indoor Table Tennis Table | Best Indoor Table Tennis Table for Recreational Use 


JOOLA Tour 1800 Indoor Table

The 1800 Indoor table comes perfect for home or any other recreational indoor plays. It is of great quality and amongst the reasonably priced tables. Anyone searching for a mid-range table without breaking the banks can check on this game board.


  • Its 18-millimeter thick top board confirms improved bounce and motion for the players. It has a sleek frame and detachable interlocking table halves that takes minimal effort to fold and unfold the table into positions.
  • The undercarriage integrates a 1.5-inch resin apron and four 1.5-inch diameter self-opening metal legs. These keep the table solid for years of use and playability. To avoid chipping, the top comes painted in several layers.
  • It adjusts uneven heights with the levelers. And, the 2-inch caster wheels help take the table to places while dual-safety locking functionality enables safe and easy storage.
  • Its post features locking the post in an easy screwing manner. The net sets with string tension adjustment. Powder coated frame fights rust and fading.
  • Excellent for Recreational Use
  • 10 Minutes Easy Set up
  • Sturdy Frame & Thick Top
  • Step Above Entry Level
  • Moderate Bounce
  • Could not come with a single valid complaint. This piece is recommended instead!


I personally feel comfortable in this budget range. You can go home with a high-end ping pong table that will not only last for years of rough use but will provide tremendous quality for playability as well. I recommend reading the buyer’s guide by default, but if you a lazy bum like me(yep, the truth has been spoken), you can choose any of the above-reviewed pieces with the minimum know how. Don’t worry, you won’t get nightmares!


Best Ping Pong Table Above $1000 To Buy In 2018

Ahhem, let’s deal some serious shit; when you raise your budget more than a thousand dollar, this is what I subconsciously speak in my mind. Ready to check out some premier tables? The list is all set.

1. Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table | Premium Indoor Table Tennis Table 


Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

This table is a state of the art premium quality product is built for full-fledged tournaments. Killerspin is the only brand to manufacture such items with a gorgeous design. You don’t see tables like this in the market. It uses 22-millimeter high-density fiberboard top and comes in two pieces. It has advanced adjustable legs, heavy-duty frame, premium net, and post etc. to make it a lucrative centerpiece for your home, office or playing room.


  • It is a great looking premium stationary table with two independent movable halves. Each half can move around independently when detached from the middle. Parts are all solid and heavy.
  • The table comprises a dense fiberboard to withstand dead spots and warping hazards. It supplies a consistent bounce all across, plus, the 16 layer repeat roller coat finish reduces glares on the surface. Ball marks are no problem with this Killerspin flagship table.
  • Its unique base design features the arch-shaped structure. Aluminum panels cover the highly supportive arched shape and allow it superior solidity and glorious look.
  • The table promises to last a lifetime with its heavy-gauge steel outlining all around the tabletop. This exceptional frame creates a robust undercarriage base thus keeping a uniformity in table performance.
  • Each half of the table safely connects with a bolt-lock mechanism. Multiple height adjustments help set a fine tune, to get it perfectly level. Apex net and post system adds a premium touch to the table as well.
  • High-end Design & Performance
  • Extremely Stable Undercarriage
  • Simple and Safe Assembly
  • Heavy-duty Steel Frame
  • No switching to playback position. With this type of table, I don’t think you need that feature anyway.

2. Cornilleau 700M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table  | Best Ping Pong Table for Durability 


Cornilleau 700M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Table

One of the best foldable outdoor tables from Cornilleau’s collection is the 700M Crossover. However, this table can also be used in indoors. It brags a dedicated and premium design with the industry leading safety and folding system. A truly weatherproof table that will stop the show and attract praises on the first glances. 


  • The top delivers an excellent bounce and stability with the glare reductive medium density durable surface. Resin laminated finish on the top features uncompromised ball bounce. Its 60-millimeter metal alloy frame hosts UV resistant finish and keeps the tabletop firm.
  • It has stylish legs that are pretty solid for the table’s undercarriage. Additionally, these have adjustable height levelers to give the table legs a push whereas needed. This works like lifesavers in bumpy terrains.
  • The table incorporates ball and racquet storage on each side of the table width. You can stock multiple balls and two pairs of paddles using these containers. Its 200-millimeter oversized casters make transportation a breeze.
  • Each playing edge of the table has a ball dispenser. So you don’t have to run after a ball that anyhow goes out of the table. Transport handles at the folded position allows you to pull and lift to overrun hitches over surfaces.
  • It has a permanent polyester net which is automatically retractable in a storage condition. This ensures safety for the weatherproof net post and reduces storage space altogether.
  • Extraordinary Bounce
  • Corners Guards for Safety
  • Ball Dispenser and Paddle Storage
  • UV Resistance Finished Frame
  • Truly Weather-proof Table
  • Costs more than two thousand, but you already know what it brings in return.

3. Butterfly Centrefold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table 

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table

The Centrefold 25 comes completely assembled at your doorstep. It is an International Table Tennis Federation approved top-notch tournament ready table. Also, the table comes with ITTC wheelchair compliance. You have color options to choose from blue or green. If you want a professional grade table for the fraction of the cost, check it out. 


  • The one-piece table is perfect for people with insignificant storage space. It is also lightweight and easy for just a single person to maneuver.
  • Its one-inch thick playing surface is scratchproof. A strong two-inch steel frame and hard PVC band surround the table top. Being approved by the ITTF, the table performs reliable and quality bounce.
  • Centrefold 25 comes with the Europa Net set that is the top-selling net set from Butterfly’s production. Table design adopts easy folding and roll system, and the safety latch grasps the table in storage mode.
  • It introduces height adjuster in four of the outer legs which make sure you have an evenly flat playing surface.
  • Five-inch locking rubber wheels secure the table and do not interrupt shakiness during the play. It is a German-made equipment.
  • Solid and Well Built
  • Inexpensive for the Quality
  • No Assembly Needed
  • ITTC and ITTF Approved
  • Did not hear any complaint or drawback regarding this table so far. It’s an expensive table, and one doesn’t simply can buy that always.

4. Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Gray Table Tennis Table 

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Gray Table

Let me remind you, the whole review section is filled with Cornilleau products. That was absolutely unintentional. They all made their ways to my list of reviews. Other than that, I don’t even care a shit. Trying to find a high-performance outdoor ping pong table? Well, the 500M would be on the list to check. 


  • Its glare reductive 7-millimeter laminated surface opts for a heavy-duty playing board. Plus, patented MATTOP finish allows brilliant bounce all across the table top. Surrounded by a 2.25-inch structural steel frame, the table partakes proper support for durable stability.
  • The French made table features a weather resistant polyester net. It is both height and tension adjustable. Ball and racquet holding storage are placed onto the main unit at the width ends. The telescopic net and post retract while folding the table for safe and compact storage.
  • It stands on pairs of newly designed height adjustable legs that smooths out uneven surfaces. These legs provide a solid sustenance to the table while height levelers adjust table heights where it requires.
  • The 500M Crossover rolls easily on the large notched thread wheels. Lockable function locks up the table in storage and play positions. Transport handles let you pull the table while on the go over surface obstacles.
  • Ball dispensing arrangement in each playing edge of the table saves your butt from running off the game. Store multiple balls in the dispenser and take out by one after one accordingly.
  • Excellent Bounce & Durability
  • Ball Dispenser at Both Edges
  • Racquet & Ball Storage Space
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Easy for Storage & Playback
  • Makes a slim and negligible sound while the ball hits the table surface – the only drawback that is not even a con by any means, right?

5. Cornilleau 400M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table 


Cornilleau 400M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table

This model is much lighter both in weight and design. It doesn’t have that bulky frame of my #1 pick for table tennis tables above 1000 dollar. Whatever, the 400M Crossover by Cornilleau combines ease of use, great quality construction materials, and pleasant playability and much more. It has a few splendid safety features for kids. Wrapping up, the table is fabulous in every way


  • It has a 6-millimeter thick resin top lamination. The playing surface is fairly dense and sturdy for tournaments while its glare resisting MATTOP finish ensures accurate ball travel. There is a 1.75-inch galvanized steel frame that surrounds the whole top for better stability while a play.
  • The whole unit glides on almost 8-inch large dual-wheels with patterned grip. Lock mechanism wheel brakes take care of the safety and stability chunk while the table is in play or storage position, or even in playback mode.
  • It is equipped with adjustable leg heights that smooth out an uneven surface. Meanwhile, the unique design of the legs provides superior support to the table’s stability concern. The table has ball and racquet holders in the middle of the table at both sides.
  • The non-removable weatherproof net set is made of durable grade polyester. It allows height and stiffness adjustments. Retractable mechanism folds the net post automatically in-between the table halves. It helps the table tops nest closer to each other and protects the post itself.
  • Its corners add more safety with corner protectors thus reducing the exposure to injuries while bumping into the sharp corners accidentally.
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Large Double Wheels
  • Glare Reductive Surface
  • Safe & Easy Transformation
  • Corner Protectors
  • Not even a pricier piece than my first pick, although it is as good as that. With this outstanding table, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Stationary Blue Table Tennis Table 


Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Stationary Blue Table

If all you want is an enormously durable table tennis table, then 510M Outdoor Stationary table worths a look. It could be the best table tennis table for your game room, backyard, resort, office and most possibly anywhere. As it is a stationary model, you don’t get to move the unit here and there on a frequent basis. If you are okay with that, then this is a hell of a sturdy and heavy-duty ping pong table for you.


  • This is kind of a professional grade table with a 7-millimeter resin laminated top. The surface is dense enough to meet the bounce standards set by International Table Tennis Federation. It has a decent ball adherence and glare-proof MATTOP finish.
  • It supports the table top with a structural solid steel frame which is stimulated for better undercarriage performance. The height of the table is adjustable and you can bolt it to the ground to avoid tinkering issues.
  • The package comes with a permanent and irremovable stainless steel net, built-in racquets holding storages, ball dispensing system, and many other convenient nicks nacks. It also has corner protectors to prevent physical injuries while play.
  • It is truly weather resistant and water from rain or snow. The high-end construction materials fight warping and chipping damages years after years in use.
  • Resin Laminated Surface
  • Racquet Storage Space
  • Stylish Ball Dispenser
  • Consistent Ball Bounce
  • Corner Protectors at Edges
  • Needs assembly work and does not allow playback mode for solo practicing like most other tables.

7. STIGA Premium Compact Table Tennis Table | Most Compact Ping Pong Table 


STIGA Premium Compact Table

It is a regulation sized, high quality, super compact table tennis table by STIGA. You don’t need a helping hand anymore! Even your child 10 years old can easily assemble and disassemble the whole table just by himself. It comes assembled and folds to the most minimum of storage dimensions. STIGA Premium Compact boasts the thickest and heavy-duty table top with ITTF approved performance quality. 


  • Its durable chassis and commercial grade pistons enable single motion opening and closing of the whole table. Being 100% assembled before delivery, you can quickly open the table and start beating the ball for a bounce.
  • The industry winning ultra-compact innovation provides the most compact storage for tight places. It is nearly twenty inches deep with a dimension of Width 60 x Depth 22 x Height 62.
  • It has a one-inch thick table top that is more than enough. It fulfills the ITTF regulations for a tournament like performance. Multiple paint finish and finally a clear top coat give the top a smooth tournament blue color.
  • Its leg levelers under the 2.25 x 1.75 dimension gauge steel legs help the table to smooth out surfaces when you need an even playing surface while the floor does not cooperate. The top gets the support from 2.25-inch profiled steed apron.
  • The self-opening legs deploy automatically while opening and closing the unit for safety compatibility. Each table half locks into the place for storage position. It rolls onto carpets and other terrains with its 5-inch machine grade ball bearing casters.
  • Heavy-duty Undercarriage
  • Super Compact Storage Design
  • Premium VLC Net & Post Set
  • Machine Grade Casters
  • One-inch Thick Top
  • No playback solo practicing position. Other than that, the table is nearly an all-around performer when it comes to reaching benchmarks.

8. Europa 25 Table Tennis Table | Best Table Tennis Table for Compact Storage 


Europa 25 Table Tennis Table

The German made Europa 25 is a one-inch thick surface gameboard manufactured by Butterfly. It is an officially approved tournament ready model from International Table Tennis Federation. The table comes in a variety of colors with a scratch-proof wooden finish. Whether you use it for indoor or out of the house, this brings no hassle in assembly. And, as it is built to sustain all sorts of abuse, your kids may throw out anything at it.


  • It has a two-inch square shaped steel frame that supports the one-inch thick high-quality tabletop. This sturdy frame and the top combination work to endure a long life in rough and frequent uses. Also, it provides an excellent bounce for years.
  • Knocks at your door already assembled. You just pull out the sturdy legs and put on the net. Set it inside or out of the house and then fold it back for storage within minutes. It introduces extremely compact six-inch wide storage when folded in.
  • It is made with top quality ingredients that increases the consistency and reliability of the ball bounce. Players have comfortable shots as it reduces skids. Its strong top protection frame equips magenta corner pieces.
  • The table comes in two halves. Each half has four steel legs which make the table really solid and stable. The legs fold easily into the top for economic storage. Two wheels attached to the center of each half allow the table to be rolled away.
  • It includes the Butterfly National League net and post set inside the package. And, it comes European safety certificate compliant.
  • Super Compact Storage
  • Wheels for Easy Transport
  • Tournament Grade Net
  • One-inch Thick Top
  • Worth the Money
  • Does not feature the solo playback position. If you have a budget and are okay with that, this won’t frustrate you.

9. KETTLER Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table | Best Table Tennis Table to Beat the Budget 


KETTLER Outdoor 10

When you are to maintain a budget while picking up the best deal, Kettler shakes your hand really well. For an instance, consider this table for the price it takes. It is a complete package with almost all the accessories you need to play. Plus, Kettler’s reliable quality and lucrative modern design combine great facility of table tennis fun for your home or outdoor.


  • It is 100% Weatherproof to sustain wind, rain, heat or any of the rude manners that might entail. The top of the table is sealed with aluminum composite, while the underside is protected by Alu-Tec climate control system. This controls expansion or contraction to the table in climate changes.
  • Each end of the length houses a ball storage. These two can store multiple ping pong balls at once, through an open flap. However, the dispensing part allows taking one at a time out of the storage.
  • The 7/8 inch thickness certifies the table for true bounce and durability. The top layer of the table has a UV protective finish over multiple layer coatings. Furthermore, resin treated board and aluminum sheet are permanently sealed by Alu-Tec base.
  • Legs come with built-in floor levelers for proper height adjustment, regardless of your surface while placing the table. Large pairs of wheels roll the one-piece table compact over the surfaces in storage mode.
  • It has a permanent net and post set and removable soft edge corner protectors. You don’t have to set and remove the net for switching between positions. And, corner protectors protect the table from accidental bumps during transportation.
  • Certified True Balance
  • Single Hand Locking Mechanism
  • Innovative Ballbox & Dispenser
  • Outdoor Approved for Any Weather
  • Single Piece Table
  • I have heard few people complaining, but that was shipping problems. Not related to the product or manufacturing defects. So, technically no cons!

10. JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Table Tennis Table | Best Investment in Table Tennis Table 


JOOLA Atlanta Olympic Table

The Atlanta is a pro-quality table tennis table with visibly critical design at the middle. Yet, it is not that complex for usability as it looks. Rather the table brings a unique transportation system in Joola’s collection of tables. It is an ITTF approved piece and has achieved the honor of being the official table for competitions in 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. This could be your best investment in table tennis.


  • It is equipped with a high-density wood composite table that is 22-millimeters thick. The regulation-sized playing surface delivers a uniformed ball travel and consistent bounce all the way over the table.
  • The table allows better stability and support along with the 2-inch metal apron and rectangle tubular legs. Needless to say about the height levelers, it has four caster wheels to roll the entire table to places.
  • The table innovates a unique transportation system. It hosts a foot pedal in the middle of the table length, which helps to raise the table off the ground by a press of your foot. So you can glide the table around the room all by yourself.
  • Its tournament grade net allows tension adjustment system. You can also adjust the height of the steel net post as you would like to add changes in your play.
  • The dual lock safety feature secures the player and the table from accidentally opening the unit while kept in the storage position.
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Quick Transportation Mode
  • Height & Tension Adjustable Net
  • Long-lasting Consistent Bounce
  • Assembly takes a much of your time. Like, a couple of hours at least. After all, it is a pro-level quality table in a fairly optimized price.


Look, I don’t want to announce a winner straight out of the list. It doesn’t seem good. All the 10 are winning deals for the money. Just pick one that has no cons and satisfies the requirements in your mind.


Buyer’s Guide | Choosing The Best Ping Pong Table For Your Play


Every one of us is different, and different are the choices. So what is best for you, can be the worst to your friend. This is why it is extremely important to know what exactly you are looking for. So let’s keep things simple and start with the very basic. 

The first thing to consider is whether you will have an outdoor table or indoor. All other chunks fall under these two major differentials. 


Outdoor Ping Pong Tables 

There are three key things to consider. Firstly the thickness of the playing surface. Next, the strength of the frame based on your use and finally what key features will be useful for you. 


(1) Thickness of the Playing Surface 

The playing surface is made of either plywood or melamine. Plywood is between 10 to 12 millimeters thick on the cheaper models and up to 18 millimeters on the more expensive ones. 

Melamine is very hard-wearing and ideal for outdoor use. It ranges from 3.5 millimeters which is a little too thin to give a good bounce. Five millimeters is actually the ideal thickness to look for. Younger players can struggle to return the ball if the bounce is not sufficient. 

The higher end tables have six or seven millimeters of thickness which will give you the best game. But this obviously will cost you more. So while choosing your table, always check for the playing surface thickness. This is what affects how well the table plays. The thicker, the better! 


(2) Strength of the Frame 

The thicker the frame, the better support of the playing surface will be. But also will enable the table to withstand the rigors of being played with and also being wheeled about and stored away. Once again the more money you spend, the stronger the frame gets!  


(3) Other Features you would like to have 

The key features range from net adjustments such as the net tension or the height of the net.  Nice and easy to fold up and store away but you may wish to consider the size of it when folded, particularly if you need to store more than one table. 


#Corner Protectors 

Safety features, for example, corner protectors to stop anybody hurting themselves on the corner of the table. This also secures the table from getting dents or bumps while transportation. 


#Covered Racket Holders 

Keeping everything neat and tidy can be important to stop pieces being lost. So convenience storage built into the table for the bats and balls maybe something you would like to look for. 


#Wheels with Safety Brakes 

Brakes on the wheels can prove very useful. Stopping the table moving during a competitive game and also whilst the table is being stored away. Adjustable legs may prove handy, should the ground not be entirely level. 


Indoor Table Tennis Tables 

If your intended location is a conservatory or a garage that could be damp, I recommend choosing an outdoor model instead. However, the same three key points apply for choosing the best indoor ping pong table. 

The thickest playing surface is 25 millimeters and is used in competitions and tournaments. In the middle, you have 22 millimeters thick and even the entry-level models come with an extra 90-millimeter thick playing surface. 

Just like the outdoor tables, these can be set into the playback position. When folded up, some models allow the net to stay in place, saving a messing about putting it on and taking it off again. Indoor tables are easy to fold up and take up minimal space once rolled out of the way. 


So what do you think, Indoor or Outdoor? 

First things come first. The biggest difference in tables in there are two lines, outdoor tables, and indoor ping pong tables. So the major difference between them is the bounce. The outdoor table does not give you a high bounce, hence the ball does not bounce as high. Although with an indoor table, the bounce is higher. Therefore, professional tournaments are always held on the indoor tables for certain reasons. 

However, the big advantage of outdoor tables is that they sustain the rain, torching sun, witchy wind and everything that comes outdoor. The outdoor tabletop is made from previously treated wood or melamine resin whereas the indoor tables are made from particle board. So you can easily notice the thickness of the top coat. 

Indoor tables are thinner than outdoor tables. This is the reason why the outdoor table cannot produce a higher bounce. Plus, many outdoor tables are made from aluminum, so this is another reason why you do not get the high bounce either. 

Now, take a deep breath and ask yourself. Whether you are planning to play in the comfort of your home or outside. Generally speaking, table tennis is played on indoor tables. But you can also opt for going outdoors on a beautiful sunny day with your mate(s). 

There is no one stopping you from taking your indoor table outside for a certain period of time. You have to make sure the weather is good and your table gets no harm. Because these are delicate to harsh temperature and humidity outside. On the other hand, outdoor ping pong tables are by default made to take whatever the earth throws at it. They are weatherproof and equipped with rock-solid structure. 

Outdoor tables are much heavier in terms of weight and price than the typical indoor tables. So you don’t have the luxury to keep moving an outdoor table from here and there. It is both time-consuming and economically implausible. 

So only if you plan to play outside for like, all the time, go with an outdoor table. On the contrary, do not even think of it, okay? 


Playing Space 

One of the most important facts to consider while making a purchase for your ping pong table is where you have planned to place the table. Personally, I have seen people pushing their table tennis table into the garage and others in the middle of the house yard. Whatever, keep in mind that an average table lays on an area of 9 feet length and 5 feet width – I am talking about the minimum here. 

The height of the table is not an issue if the indoor space is okay. However, you will need additional space for playing at ease. Place the table in such position that both of its length ends have a minimum of 5 feet distance from the wall(or anything that makes a barrage). Plus, you should also ensure a clearance of 3 feet from each width of the table. 

If you want to play on the table, this is how you place it. Otherwise, it is neither a dining table nor a showpiece to keep inside your home. This is why people with limited and congested indoor area should go for outdoor tables if they have the budget. 



A great feature that is verily needed for the best ping pong table! More or less, none of us has the luxury to dedicate a large area for the ping pong table all the time. Especially, when you are buying an indoor table, always opt for one with allows collapsibility feature. 

When you don’t need the table left open, fold it up and push it aside. Free up some space, right? You can use the room for something else and it could be a great convenience at times. 



This may sound a bit weird, but it isn’t. The future players on your table is a considerable point. If it is just you and your friends who are new to table tennis game, then get a table that offers durability with performance. Beginners give a rough time to the tables what the cheaper ones fail to take. Even in some cases, your expensive high-end ping pong table can last less-longer than any average table. This truly depends on how you play on it and how you deal with your table. 

Anyways, if you are looking for a table to set into your office play zone or places like a community or club, you’ll have to compromise on the performance. Because, when you go for a super durable piece, you don’t get an optimum bounce. But this will save your money and serve your purpose of the table. We people don’t take care of others’ property as our own, right? If you don’t know what I am talking about, never mind. Lol. 



Never forget your limits, when you have a budget. Do not eye at products that you cannot afford. I know how you get lured by premium tables and their exclusive features. But, be strong and keep track onto your budget. If you have 500 bucks for tables don’t look at tables that ask for thousands. 

I have seen many crossing their budgets while purchasing, and then ending in a frustrated state of mind. This is because expectation not necessarily matches reality. So, always cling to your affordability. 



People say, better table affords better bounce. Apart from the basic features and function-ability of the table, you also have to check the bounce. Ping pong balls tend to bounce higher on pricier tables. So you have to synchronize the performance of the play with your budget. 


Top Thickness 

The thicker the tabletop is, greater the price it calls for. As I said earlier, thickness relates to durability and the better quality bounce for the players. It is the basic rule! Regardless of the table top material which controls the bounce of the ball, thicker brings resistance to dimensional distortion and bending of the table. The support under the top should be properly flat to mark the quality of the table and bounce. This directly affects your expected play on the table. 

If you care about your money, take my advice. Avoid tables with thinner tops below three-quarters of an inch. These are less durable pieces and start to upset you soon. To be on the safest side, go for one inch thick tabletops at least. Else, you will face inconsistent bounce while your play as the time passes by. 


Frame Thickness 

When I talk about durability, I tell players to emphasize on thicker frames. Fat legs are much capable of torture and pain. Also, count on the connecting points. Even if the legs aren’t that thick, more connecting points pledge much of durability. This will make your table last for years. 


Stationary or Removable Net? 

This actually depends on user preference. The net in the middle of your table could be permanent or removable. Many tables come with stationary brackets holding the net, while others feature a removable net post. Don’t forget which one you want to have in yours. 



It is what determines the carriage strength of your table. For use on a regular basis, the best ping pong table should have a solid undercarriage to keep it firm. If you play tournaments after tournaments and if you have your little champs diving onto the table, a robust undercarriage system is mandatory. 


Spare Parts 

A ping pong table is a lot of money. So you will definitely use it for years and due to competitive constant use, any of the parts may break. In this case, you need to replace that part with the spare ones from the market. And what if your specific model doesn’t avail the spare parts? Haha. 

Guarantee or warranty features are good but the availability of spare parts are necessary too. Make sure, the model you are eying on has enough spare parts for sale. A must have advantage for the best ping pong table. 


Ease of Assembly 

Not a big deal if you are familiar with table tennis tables. Still, easy and simple assembly saves your energy and time. More to that, some tables might give you a hard time to assemble them. This is why double check if the table comes with all the necessary assembly tools and instruction or manual. 

It usually takes half an hour to set up a table for the first time. Again, some tables come already assembled but they are expensive higher-end models. 

Whoa, that was a hell of a long guide! Now, keep all of these factors in mind and go for your pick. You cannot purchase a wrong table if you do contemplate the facts as the buying guide.


Frequently Asked Questions Really Make Sense?

Genius question! That is what I tried to help you realize in this giant article. I have reviewed 30 best ping pong tables on the market from each and every possible aspect to get the most value out of your wallet.
Generally speaking, table tennis tops are made of fiberglass, plastic, melamine resin or wooden material. I focus more on the thickness of table top more than the materials. This is what makes a table better. Nonetheless, one inch of thick wooden or melamine resin table top is the best material for a ping pong table.Are ping pong tables all the same size? 

Not necessarily, No! The standard regulation-sized or full-sized tables are of the same dimensions. It is the unchanged size with any brand and model you might get. Again, some smaller sizes are also available as compact space saving table tennis tables.

Well, I already discussed it in the buying guide. Yet again, the full-size table tennis table takes up 9 feet in length and 5 feet in width. And the height of the table is two and a half feet.
Add 5+5 feet to its length to strike the ping pong ball without bumping into walls or furniture. That is at least 19 feet in length and 11 feet in width, with a total of 6 feet allowance on each wide ends. Therefore, you need a 19×11 square feet area at least, for a full-size ping pong table. 

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