Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews in 2018 With a Proper Buying Guides

Being a table tennis enthusiast, you wanna beat the shit out of the ball. Whether you foster this much ping pong cruelty or not, you need the best ping pong paddle to the game on!

Admit it, picking up the best table tennis racquet has never been so easy. Precisely, when it has to comply with your budgeted cravings. So let me tell you what I have done for you in this article.

Honestly, there’s not much to take into consideration while buying your ping pong racquets. But if you tend to compare between high-quality ping pong paddles, I have a buying guide for you(after the review section).

I hate to go with the flow. So, skipping the idea of top 10 ping pong paddles, I rounded up 15 best table tennis paddle instead.

Screw this! Forget all the bells and whistles and fake market hypes. Because what really matters is the user experience. And, with my know-how and to-the-point reviews, you won’t cringe over the game-table.

Top 15 Table Tennis Paddles List in 2018

1. Killerspin Kido 7P Table Tennis Racket 


Kido 7P is a competition grade ping pong racquet from Killerspin. The construction combines 7 ply of wood blades and 2 nitrx 4Z table tennis rubbers. This makes the paddle weigh a bit heavier than the cheaper models. However, it provides excellent speed and quality strokes. You won’t take time to synch with the weight handling paraphernalia.


The unit is actually designed for professional tournament players. Yet, intermediate level recreational players find this as a winning deal. It brings both the style and reliability in the same package. And, it is affordable too.


If you prefer aggressive strategy in the game, you need more rapid returns. Well, being a high-end table tennis paddle, this one gets your job done. Its top quality sponge and rubber surface accelerate the ball in contact. You can spell your spins on returns taking a decent control as well. Therefore, beginners who look for a true edge over the competitions can definitely go for it.


As per my quality concerns, it is a semi-pro level ping pong racket. Compared to other paddles in the similar price range, it stands out perfectly. I won’t bother to mark it as one of the best table tennis paddles for intermediate and advance players. Control, speed and spin – what else does the game need? It boasts an impeccable blend for the price.

  • Great All Around Paddle
  • Amazing Control with Grips
  • Phenomenal Durability and Speed
  • Good for Defensive and Offensive Play
  • Did not find any identical issue to spot on. This paddle is thick, and it won’t provide the same control as a lighter piece. (This is absolutely natural, and you should know it.)

2. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket



Looking for speed, spin and control at the same time? Search no more! Pro Carbon is an extremely premium racket to win them all. It features loads of advanced technologies to fetch the most out of your money. Speed and Spin performance indicators go all the way, while control rating hits 80. Among the basic features, it has ITTF approved S5 rubber and 2-mm sponge.


Apart from the 7-ply ultra-lightweight blade – which is obvious, it brags the nano-composite technology. This gives a push to increase your speed and spin. Plus, its ultra-light rubber holds microscopic air pockets or capsules. So, you enjoy optimum elasticity with exceptional control.


The lightweight balsa technology allows a plywood at the center of the blades. It works as a catalyst to boost the reaction time. Furthermore, the top-notch carbon tech integrates two carbon layers into the blades. The bat feels more rigid and responsive that accelerates in power.


STIGA hardens its surface with a unique crystal technology. You get more speed from harder surface of the blades. Additionally, you will find a recess placed in the Concave Pro handle. It affords excellent ball sensitivity in contact with the bat. All these make the Pro Carbon a hell of a performance grade paddle.

  • Best for Shakehold Position
  • Replaceable Paddle Rubbers
  • Amazing Speed & Spin, Great Control
  • Even Suitable for Beginner Enthusiasts
  • A bit of cleaning would keep the rubbers in best shape. It’s nor a cheap one, and neither a pricy piece. Definitely worth the price!
3. Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle



A good looking paddle is enough to turn your mood on. Specially when it it the JET800 Speed N1 from Killerspin. It does not only come with an attractive memory box that keeps your bat safe. What is more, the unit is armored with all the premium features one might look for.


Quick glances at the piece exhibit ITTF approved red and black colored Nitrx 2-mm high-tension rubbers. In association with the blades, these offer power for tournament level playoffs. Control, speed and spin scores 80%, 90% and 95% in a respective order. You also have a tossing effect with its wooden side tapes. So keeping the pace in your control is just a reality with powerful shots.


Also, the side tape safeguards the internal blades, allowing utmost protection to your paddle. Its topsheet on the premium rubbers enables you to cast heavy spins on the ball. The superior grip greatly helps in survival of spinny shots. On top of that, it also allows counter shots to serve your opponent.


Its dual carbon technology encloses the five layers of premium wood composites in the middle. However, this infusion welcomes your art full of aggressive strikes. It comes with a flared handle for shakehand grip. Overall, the unit works even better than the looks.

  • Wooden Side Tape Protection
  • Ergonomic Handle’s Superior Grip
  • Top Choice for Aggressive Strokes
  • All Around Speed, Spin, and Control
  • Although the handle seems a little bulky, you will eventually get used to it.
4. DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle


DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament paddle

This one arrives with all the bells and whistles, if your friend needs a present. Yep, it brings two balls as a surprise in the box. Anyway, DHS Hurricane II is a good paddle for any intermediate players to the advanced ping pong people. It is a hard chopper in terms of play.


Blades are well made with quality materials. And, each of the sides has visibly different rubbers. You might think of the red and black colors – I did mean them too – but they are Hurricane and G555 too. Whether you play aggressive or go full in defense, the rubbers aid you right there. Particularly, the spin casting seemed pretty impressive. Totally insane!


Talking about the speed, you can drive the ball flying fast. The unit feels a little heavy, but that’s common for most other shakehand paddles. It is a pricey piece for your wallet. For what you get within the box, that’s okay.


Don’t get confused with random reviews on this unit online. It is a nice racquet. So, maybe you will just need a couple of friendly tournaments to learn the control of it. Then you know what a beast this becomes.

  • Very Grippy & Responsive Rubbers
  • Provides Torque of the Town
  • Top Quality Construction
  • Awesome Spin and Control
  • The package smells fishy. Some say, the odor lasts for a month or two. However, I also noticed the smell, it was insignificant.
5. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket


STIGA-Evolution Paddle

Remember the Pro Carbon by STIGA as our first pick? Evolution is just another cut-paste copy. Well, not by pixels obviously. Although Pro Carbon comprised a pack-full of advanced technologies, STIGA Evolution is better in control yardstick. Performance ratings for Speed, Control and Spin scores 96, 90 and 94 in turn.


It combines 6-ply zero carbon-layered blades, and lacks the balsa technology. Still, there’s a lot to expect from this performance level racquet. Both sides incorporate ITTF approved premium rubber with 2-mm sponge.


Shock Dispersion Technology allows it to absorb knocking and vibrations. It helps conduct your energy to the blades. Nano-composite and ACS technology march for superior speed, spin and flexible control.  


Just like the Pro Carbon, it integrates a unique weight balancing mechanism. Whenever the ball comes in contact with the blade, the balance shifts towards that specific point. Also, you have a fair recovery rate after each time you hit the ball. On top of everything it hoards, it is the bestselling racket online. You shouldn’t have any doubt now.

  • Reasonable Price Point
  • Best for Defense and Moderate Spin
  • Plenty of Grip for Traction and Speed
  • Great Pick for a Transition Paddle
  • Does not come with any racket cover. This is the norm with STIGA branded paddles.
6. Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case



The Legend 2 model is mainly a redesigned combination of the Palio and XTT paddles. It has powerful blades that provide a decent feel. If you are looking for extreme speed and spin, this won’t frustrate. But it gives up a bit of the control.


While speed and spin cut 10 on 10, control lags below 7. Black and red Palio Hadou rubbers on each side are ITTF approved. And, being a bit on the heavy side, it takes some time to adjust with your strokes.


With that said, I will only suggest the Palio Legend 2 for experienced players. If you know the game enough, you can put tons of speed and spins on your ball. Plus, the hard rubber sponge will help elevate the speed too. You want to be in an attacking game, and you rule the opponent.


As a matter of fact, skyrocketing speed and spin create a deficiency in control. Again, it is tremendously fast and generates additional spins. This is why be very clear about your style of the play.


The unit comes with a flared handle that feels comfy on hand. It is definitely since it is made of hardwood materials. You get a protective cover for keeping your Legend 2 safe and preserve the rubber health.

  • Suitable for Professional Players
  • Very Sticky and Faster Speed
  • Good Build Quality
  • More for Your Buck
  • Far too advanced for beginners, and it is fairly heavy. As per my predictions, you will get used to it sooner than a week.
7. STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket



I don’t feel it to be an exaggeration to label STIGA as the best ping pong paddle brand in the market. They are praised and loved for their quality products and that’s it! Before you fall in love with STIGA Titan, you should know that this paddle is designed for beginners. If you want the more precise opinion, this is the best ping pong paddle for new players who prefer a defensive play.

There are loads of high-quality ping pong paddles available in the market. But this paddle has an extra light blade made of 5-ply. And the crystal technology featured in the blade will allow you to enjoy increased speed. This makes it a perfect match for people who are looking to learn and improve some table tennis skills at beginner level.

Besides, this paddle has used tournament quality inverted rubber. Even, you’ll be able to play at any tournament with this paddle as the rubber is International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved. On top of that, the all-wooden concave Italian composite handle will ensure a solid grip and you’ll enjoy full control over your paddle while playing shots – whether tackling incoming spin or smashing your opponent.

Weighing only 0.35 pounds and with its 2mm sponge, this performance level paddle is mostly credited for its control. That means you’ll be able to enjoy greater control over your paddle during the games.

  • Tournament Quality Inverted Rubber
  • All Wooden Concave Italian Composite Handle
  • Crystal Technology Featured Blade
  • The sponge is of low quality. But there’s nothing to worry! It’s suitable for the beginners.
8. Killerspin JetBlack Combo Table Tennis Paddle



If you consider yourself to be an intermediate player, the Killerspin JetBlack should be a perfect match for you. Among the high-quality ping pong paddles, Killerspin paddles are well known for their quality, comfort and stylish look. This is best for intermediate level players because they look forward to learning some new skills along with establishing control in the game. Good news for you, this Killerspin paddle is well designed to allow you to enjoy a better control oriented performance.

2 black nitrx 4Z rubbers are featured in the paddle that’ll put you on the driving seat during a game, if spin is your strong and favorite side. Although this paddle doesn’t really focus on speed, the five layers of wood assembled blade is enough for you to have an impact on the game. Moreover, you’ll feel greater control with your paddle, thanks to its black decent flared handle.

Arguably, the Killerspin JetBlack is one of the stylish ping pong paddles in the industry. You can easily imagine from the name of the paddle, it has shiny black rubbers on both sides of the blade. And distinct yellow lines on the handle give this paddle a dashing look. If black is your favorite color, you would definitely love this paddle.

As this is a combo package, the product comes with a soft and cool black racket case. The paddle case has an accommodation of two paddles and four balls.

  • 2 Black Nitrx 4z Rubbers
  • Applies Great Control
  • Stylishly Designed
  • In case of extensive use without proper care, the rubber might wear out.
9. Killerspin JET200 Ping Pong Paddle



The Killerspin Jet200 is one of the bests among the Killerspin paddles. This paddle designed for mainly recreational players comes with a GIFT BOX containing a memory book. Some might find it useful to collect signatures of their star players.

Let’s get right into its features. Jet Basic Rubber, which is a performance level rubber, is featured in this paddle. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy tremendous control. And the paddle is made of five players of premium plywood. Meaning, your recreation time won’t lack spin and hard-hitting smashes. And your basic level of play will improve a lot. This Killerspin paddle is engineered with equal weight distribution that will ensure precise and delicate shots during the game.

Alongside a quality paddle, if you want a stylish look, the Killerspin Jet200 can be a suitable option for you. As you go on improving your table tennis skills with this paddle, you’ll definitely stand out with the amazing design – the combination of green/black rubber. That’s not all! A stylish and flexible PVC side tape has been featured in the paddle to protect the edges of the paddle.

In a nutshell, this paddle is a perfect choice for people who want to enjoy table tennis with their family members and friends at their basements.

  • Equal Weight Distribution Ensures Good control
  • Incorporates a Stylish Look
  • Flexible PVC Side Tape
  • You should keep in mind that this paddle is not ITTF approved as this is mainly designed for recreational play.
10. Eastfield Allround Table Tennis Paddle



Although Eastfield is a new brand in the table tennis industry, their first production Eastfield Allround is pretty decent among the custom ping pong paddles. This is simply perfect for beginners who find it hard to keep the ball on the table.

Control is its strongest side. The 2.1mm soft rubber and the all-wood 5-ply blade will allow you to control the ball more comfortably than other faster paddles. You’ll feel that some of your weak shots are not sending the ball out of the table. Thanks to the stability and control ensured by the rubber and blade.

You should know that the paddle is pretty slow. But this can have both positive and negative effects. In one hand, you’ll be able to learn the game with more precision. And on the other hand, you won’t be able to enjoy quick gameplay with this paddle. If you want to produce spiny loops that are fast as well, you would have to work hard.

If you’re a beginner or you like to play the game slowly, the Eastfield Allround is a good choice for you. With this slow paddle, you’ll be able to learn some skills that will come handy in future. Moreover, this paddle will help you slow the game down when necessary.

  • Provides Awesome Control
  • Blades with 2.1mm Sponge
  • Good for Learning New Skills
  • The paddle is pretty slow, not a perfect option for those who love quick gameplay.
11. Butterfly 302 Shakehand Table Tennis Paddle



The Butterfly 302 Shakehand is one of the high-quality ping pong paddles that are manufactured for people who are just getting into table tennis. You should know that Butterfly ping pong paddles are well known for their quality construction and customer satisfaction.

This amazing paddle has featured Yuki rubber on the blade with black and red combination. This is just perfect for table tennis beginners as the rubber is suitable for continuous practice. However, intermediate level players must look for better quality. The Yuki rubber is approved by the ITTF and is suitable for players who are keen to use spin as their main weapon.

If you ask me what is its most strong side, I would definitely say CONTROL. The handle of a paddle plays a vital role in the gameplay. If the handle doesn’t suit your grip, there is no doubt that you won’t be able to play your best. But don’t worry, the Butterfly 302 Shakehand has a round and flared handle that will ensure comfort and control.

The speed and quickness are not overlooked either. You’ll get a 2.1mm layer of sponge in the paddle. As a result, you’ll be able to excel in speed as well. Besides, you’ll get a stylish head case that has a Butterfly logo on it. This case will protect the rubber of the paddle.

  • Round and Flared Handle
  • Durable and Solid Grip
  • Comes with a Head Case
  • The paddle is pretty slow, but that should be okay for beginners.
12. STIGA Supreme Ping Pong Paddle



There are a large number of people who consider the STIGA Supreme as the best ping pong paddle at performance level. That means this paddle is manufactured for players who are just joining table tennis and also for those who have upgraded themselves to the intermediate level. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this paddle as STIGA is considered the best ping pong paddle brand.

If you’re looking for high-quality ping pong paddles to begin your table tennis journey, STIGA Supreme can be the best option for you. It features ITTF approved rubber on the blade. That will enable intermediate level players to use this paddle at tournament games as well. The rubber is inverted, allowing you to control the ball with more precision.

If you play with a STIGA Supreme, you’ll feel the difference in your play. Both control and speed are its positive sides. STIGA ACS is featured in this paddle for you to enjoy increased speed and great control.

On top of that, the blade is constructed of 6 ply extra light wood with 2mm sponge. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a quick gameplay alongside hitting powerful smashes during the game. In short, this paddle provides almost everything a beginner or an intermediate level player needs.

  • Inverted Rubber Finish
  • STIGA ACS Featured
  • Delivers Great Power
  • You might be disappointed with its rubber as it is of poor quality. But you can’t expect from a paddle of this price range.
13. Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Paddle



The Palio Expert 2 is yet another best ping pong paddle for beginners. This paddle is actually an exclusive partnership output between Palio and Expert Table Tennis, taking to the list of high-quality ping pong paddles. If you’ve used or heard about the Palio CJ8000 paddle, the Palio Expert 2 is an advanced series of that.

The rubber of the CJ800 that was praised for great spin remains unchanged and it is ITTF approved. As a result, the beginners will be able to learn some spinning skills to use them in the tournaments. Spin is a very crucial skill when it comes to progress in the game. And if you want to improve your spin skill, this paddle is definitely a very good choice for you.

The blade of the CJ800 is redesigned in this advanced version to give you an even better experience of control and feeling. The control of the bat and its feeling in hands is an important aspect that no beginners should overlook.

While the paddle is a bit slow, you’ll be able to enjoy more spin and great control with this paddle. Nonetheless, this paddle with its all-around features is a very suitable choice for beginners.

  • Casts Great Control
  • Spells More Spin
  • Beginner Friendly
  • As this paddle is slow, you won’t be able to enjoy the fast gameplay. This paddle is designed for beginners so that they can increase their control over the game.
14. Duplex 6 Star Ping Pong Bat



The Duplex 6 Star is yet another 7 plywood blade paddle that has enough weight and is strong enough to deliver powerful shots. Before you buy this paddle you should know that this paddle perfect for beginners and not for players of the higher level. However, you can participate in the tournaments with this paddle as the rubber is ITTF approved.

Talking about the rubber, this is probably the only negative side to this paddle. Users have complained that the rubber began to peel off quicker than expected. But it is resilient enough to survive a tournament.

Although this is not one of the high-quality ping pong paddles, the beginners can still buy it. Why? Because this is a great tool for kids and newbies if a little maintenance is done to it.

With the little maintenance, you can make this paddle effective for both offensive and defensive play. Besides, a weight balanced design is featured in the paddle. As a result, this paddle has the potential to polish your table tennis skill with precision.

  • Reasonable Price Tag
  • 7 Ply Heavy Wood Blade
  • Good for Both Offensive and Defensive Players
  • The rubber comes out of the paddle after several days of extensive use. If you want great quality rubber, you should try elevating your price range.
15. Duplex 4 Star Table Tennis Racket



The Duplex 4 Star is a performance level paddle for those who are looking for a cheap paddle to start playing table tennis. Now, this might not be the best ping pong paddle available in the market, but it is perfect for beginners who are just learning the game. There are many people who look for less expensive paddles at this level of learning table tennis.

The blade is made of 7 ply pure wood. That means the blade will last longer than any other ping pong paddle at this price range. If you want your blade to be strong enough to be durable as well as perfect for powerful smashes, this paddle can be a suitable option. Because the blade is capable of making great impact allowing you to enjoy high performance.

On the other hand, the Duplex 4 Star weighs just 6.3 ounces, meaning this paddle is conveniently light for table tennis newbies. In short, this paddle is lightweight and durable as well.

Besides, the company has featured an ITTF standard rubber, which is pretty good for beginners. Many customers have given thumbs up to this simple paddle. They’ve loved the 7-ply blade that gave them a solid feeling in their hand.

  • Comes at a Low Price Range
  • Quality 7 Ply Wood Blade
  • Weighs Only 6.3 Ounces
  • You should keep in mind that the rubbers used in this paddle are not of great quality. What more can you expect from a paddle of this price range?

How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Paddle | Buyer’s Guide

There are plenty of options while choosing a table tennis bats or ping pong paddle – whatever you call it. No worries, as I tried to break through all the nuts and bolts you need to know. By the end of this guide, you will have a clear overview of different paddles for distinctive levels of play. Let’s start real quick!


Choose Your Paddle Type

This actually puts you to specify your type of play at first. Because the construction of the racquets affects your type of the play. If you are just a beginner or a novice player, you might not adjust with a high-end paddle. Since professional table tennis rackets are designed to perform for particular playing styles.

And, being at the learning period you don’t want to get a hold of these bats. You cannot handle the power of higher end pro ping pong paddles. These have a heavy influence on your strokes, this is why! So, always pick a basic and cheap paddle for the learning period.

These come crafted with molds of plastic pieces and layers of wood. You get zero influence on the ball with the plain paddles. This trains you hard enough to be a pro within months. Since you have to deal the ball directly on your own, your strokes become more precise.

With the passage of time, as you develop your skills, playing mode and your choice of the grips pops into consideration. Shake hands grip fits best for striking the ball with spins. On the other hand, Penhold grip inclines your arm in a comfortable position for a hasty and brush strokes. The game is more of a tactical drill than it hinges on on the ping pong equipment.

Therefore, you can play your best with ready-made commercial paddles. Or, you can opt for a heavy-duty competition grade paddle as well. No problem at all! However, competition grade paddles are made for the professionals nearly of 90% pure wood particles. They feel a little heavy with all the quality adhesive and rubber finish.


Paddle Surface You Can Rely on

Now, this combines a pack of facts within. Mostly, ping pong paddles come with a flat rubberized surface at one of its sides. This assists you to have better control of the ball. Especially when your strikes require frequent spins to the ball.

Paddles with poor grip would deflect the ball off the surface. Whereas, rubbery grip allows you more traction that drives the ball as you want. Quality, durability and performance – these three determine what kind of rubber texture you should go for. Pimples, dimples, waffling etc. are some popular rubber textures in paddles.

Soon as the ball hits the bat, these textures absorb a portion of the energy and force. This vastly helps to play in defensive modes. You have total control of the ball’s reactivity and motion on returns. However, if spin techniques are your favorite, don’t buy any of these textured paddles. It won’t help, totally not recommended!

Apart from the texture of the rubber, you have to decide more. There is a rubber sponge under the outer rubber layer of your paddle. It takes in the impacts and agrees on superior control and grip. The thicker and dense it becomes, the more speed it delivers. Contrarily, thinner layers give you a more sensitive feel slowing down the pace of the game.

If you play with commercial paddles, you’ll have to replace them often. The rubber surface tends to wear out soon on frequent use. And, commercial paddles do not allow replacing the surfaces, but the whole unit. Nonetheless, using a custom table tennis paddle lets you strip off the worn out layer and attaching a new one.


Finally, The Right Paddle for Your Play Styles!

The materials that make your paddle are important. Hence, it is smart to pick your choices first to narrow down the options. Like, choosing the type of wood and rubber. This defines the balance and control of your bat. On top of that, carbon fibered paddles give you an extra share of snap. These add sturdiness to the piece while compressed paper keeps the racquet lightweight.

The width of the paddle blade and handle thickness also call for your attention. Although most of the paddles come all the same, some serve for special styles. For example; if you plan to play Shakehand grips, a thicker and sturdy handle would be the best ping pong paddle to pick. This will give your stokes more power.

But, Penhold hand position necessitates thinner blades with lighter weights. Plus, a narrow handle brings more enactment out of your wrist movements. Having a paddle that entails both ends with rubber and sponge is another knot in your rope. “Oh, come on! You know it adds extra weight” – one of you might say. But, think yourself. It’s crucial for alternating between strokes(forehand and backhand) as well.

However, you can try different pattern and thickness on each side of the paddle. This helps to switch between strategic shots.

Last but not the least, amongst the large range of sizes, shapes and styles, you want to rescue the perfect match for you. And, as a general rule of thumb, thicker paddles and heavier paddles partakes in rapidity and aggressiveness. However, you get less control as the drawbacks. On the other hand, thin paddles offer excellent control, but gives up on speed in returns.

To wrap this up, each and every type of paddles have their own sets of pros and cons. You will know what suits your hand the most. Sticking with the game will eventually develop your idea in time.

FAQ on Ping Pong Paddles

It depends on which grip you prefer. Generally, you just grab your paddle by the handle for forehand grip. Use all your fingers except the index finger. Then, put your index finger at the backhand rubber.

Backhand grip needs both the thumb and index finger placed on each side. So you have three fingers holding the handle.

A good ping pong paddle comes with a rubber layer over atleast one side of the bat. It should have wood construction more than cheap plastic molds. Durable grippy rubber and optimized weight are other concerns to muse.
Being available in many different sizes, the mediocre sized blade head is nearly 16 cm in length and 15 cm in width. Despite dimensions are not amongst the key factors to look at, they are ideal for certain play styles.
The thickness goes hand in hand with the sponges. Paddles with thicker sponges would give you more thickness. Plus, it also depends whether the bat incorporates rubber layers over one or both side of the bat or not. FYI, thicker sponges range from 2.0mm and above. The moderate ones have a thickness of 1.9mm to 1.5mm.
This in fact depends on how precisely you know your strength and weakness. If you are playing for a long time and you know what you are good at, you can tell what exactly can bring the best out of your play. So I cannot state what is best for you. The truth is, nobody can!

Final Words

Nope, I won’t give you any final recommendation in the end. You’ll have to pick the best ping pong paddle on your own. Don’t buy the salesman reviews on the internet! If you are experienced, you know what I’m talking about.

But if you are a newcomer to table tennis, trust yourself! Pick any of the above that feels a good choice. You won’t regret. Also, try to pick the best ping pong ball for the game, and know how to clean a ping pong paddle.

Anyways, I have also reviewed the most expensive ping pong paddles for out-of-the-world players.



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