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You know what? When people ask, “how do you choose the best ping pong balls?” I get goosebumps. Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t-a noob, rather I’ll take you to the easiest boulevard in finding the best table tennis ball.

You might be thinking what’s the big deal with balls, and say, “I have got the perfect ping pong table and finest of the great paddles”.

I don’t know, maybe you truly have those in your throng. But you can’t imagine a man without balls, right? Yeah, it’s a joke, but this is nothing worse than missing out the perfect set of ping pong balls.

Top 10 Ping Pong Balls List in 2018

How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Balls in Minutes | Only 3 Simple Steps

It doesn’t take much of your brain’s memory to sort out the perfect balls on the market. All you gotta do is to go through these three simple checklists before you grab a pack of balls.


Only Seamless Ball is Real

It can be quite difficult if you are not sure what you are looking for. The things to search for are first; the balls shouldn’t have any visible seam around the middle of it.

Well, if you see that seam – I’m telling you – reject those balls straight away. That balls will often have a flat spot around the seam area.


Ensure the Firmness of Your Ball

The second thing to look for is, how firm the ball is. Press it in firmly. If the ball caves in on the side, that’s the right ball to never look at. LoL. Got it, no?

You will find many trainer balls on the market, which will not budge taking the same amount of pressure. These are balls that pass your firmness test. Furthermore, there are some other balls which will hold back quite a lot of pressure and won’t cave in.

The question is, how much pressure do you put on your ball?

If you grab your thumb and push quite firmly that you are going to the bone, it will be the amount of pressure for the best table tennis ball to withstand.


How Is Round the Ball?

This is another thing you should look at. Now, just taking a ball in hand, it is quite difficult to see that it is perfect. The best way to do it is to spin the ball.

By looking at it from the top, you can see if it has any wobbles in it. Let’s think about spinning an egg, okay?

You’ll see the egg wobbles a lot. Whereas with a perfectly round ball, you won’t see any wobbling from the top.


Top 10 Best Ping Pong Balls Review 2018 | Reviewed & Recommended


1. STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis BallYou can say whatever you want, but three start balls are by default superior for firmness. And, STIGA 3-Star here shows the same magic in your tournaments. You will find these in both orange and white colors for almost the same price range. These will assist you have an even bounce and great spin in play.

Compared to the one star balls, these are definitely of high quality and performance. The weight is perfect with a heavier gauge than the other balls. Rest assured, ball travel is speedy enough and it curves quite much after the bounces. Pricing feels okay on the wallet too.

If you love playing every day on your game table, these balls are less likely to frustrate you. Talking about the color, orange seems to be a better choice, because white balls are sometimes invisible or hard to see off the table. As for the size of the ball, you might find it a bit bigger from you previously used ones. However, that should not be an issue as well.

  • Passes the Firmness Check
  • Comes with No Visible Seam
  • Seen as Fairly Durable
  • USATT approved & ITTA Regulation Sized
  • Unless you get served with a fake set of STIGA 3-Star, no problems should make you complain. Yet again, I have seen fellow players being grouchy on the wobble issue. So, better check that on your own.

2.Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls – 3 Star

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly ballNewer folks might wonder how to pronounce Xushaofa correctly, but let’s just give up on that for the time being. It is another three-star ball with the almost five-star rating from my judgments. The seamless ball combines poly plastic material which stands more reliable than conventional celluloid ones.

Its groundbreaking construction technology offers more bounce accuracy, and keep it consistent. You can have spectacular spin and nearly 85% accuracy. Nonetheless, the speed is average. The shell is properly firm, but you are free to drill holes in them. In case you want to make string light, you know!

Unprofessional players planning for serious practice sessions would find this excellent. Can not tell if it is actually 100% round or not. But I would prone to say, it is nearly in the perfect shape. Durability is fair, as it tends to last longer than the ordinary plastic balls in the market. These are fragile as eggs and are vulnerable to pressure – this rumor should get some sleep.

  • Almost Perfectly Round in Shape
  • Truly Seamless in the Middle
  • Firm Enough for the Play
  • Calls for a Sensible Price
  • The Xushaofa 40+ seems to beat other plastic and celluloid made balls in the durability run. You may notice the inconsistency in balls in a set, but it is the seamless poly balls you could get. You can escape thinking about it twice.

3. STIGA 1-Star Table Tennis Balls (38 Pack)

STIGA 1-Star ball

Common sense whispers, one star balls lodge behind three-star ones in quality. I believe the same too. But these 40-mm regulation sized balls are the best of their kinds. Here STIGA offers 38 pieces standard weighed balls in a pack of the white or orange option.

Don’t expect too much when you are having regular average grade ping pong balls rolling in. These, in fact, are not made for professional or tournament class play. Rather, you may have these for your family entertainment matches. Interestingly, these balls are likely to survive multiple couples of games. Just make certain that you don’t hit it too hard.

But again, if one of you hits it really hard, it won’t be surviving anymore. If you need balls in bulk within a tight price, go grab this pack. These exist as the middle of the road practice balls for beginners. And, the value for the price you pay is green too. Wrapping up, STIGA 1-Star is cheap and low-quality practice balls after all.

  • More Balls at Lesser Price
  • No Seams to Interrupt Bounce
  • Okay for Beginner Practices
  • Since these are all one stars, I would suggest not to expect more than what you have paid the price. It is always better to go with three-star grade balls.

4.Franklin Sports 1 Star Table Tennis Balls

Franklin Sports 1 Star Ball1-star quality balls from Franklin allows scope for casual play & practice sessions. These are all made in China, and comes in a pack of 18, 36 and containing a few more sets. You get official ITTF 40-mm size and 2.6g to 2.9g weight. Plus, you can use them for a manifold of purposes. Drop them on the table or let them roll for your lazy cat’s exercise.

Having trust in people is good, but not to be fooled by its advertisement.  Especially, when it says to hold those features of high-quality balls. They can still provide consistent bounce and precise spins within their reach. The point is, that won’t be comparable to the 2-star or 3-star grade ball’s units.

You can compare this amongst other 1-start balls, but don’t even expect something special. Only if the expectation is under control, you won’t have to be sad. Bids a great price for a load of balls in plenty.

  • Seamless Round Shape
  • No Problem for the Price
  • Works Okay with Little Bounce
  • Herein, the same applies to what I said earlier on STIGA 1-Star balls. Generally speaking, these two – one after another – are the best one-star balls out there for you. It won’t be fair if you say these have failed your hopes.

5.GOGO 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

GOGO 3-Star BallFrom learning sessions to professional tournaments, GoGo 3-Star balls are everywhere! The jumbo-sized toothpaste like box contains 6 balls per tube. And, you can have orange or white as you please. The manufacturer crafted these for ball machines versatility. So, no matter if you are having these for club training or family events, you’ll enjoy an all-round play.

This high-quality table tennis ball allows unswerving bounce, awesome control and longer volleys in play. Its celluloid material helps it becoming lightweight, springy and robust. A common thing everybody sidesteps about this GoGo balls is its innovation in boxes. Now, you don’t have to carry plenty of balls in one box altogether.

Whenever you are out of the house, just pack in a tube or two for your tournaments. You’ll have half a dozen balls in each classy looking paper box. Rumors are live whether GOGO 3-Stars are ITTF approved or not, but the superior quality beats them all.

  • Good for All-round Play
  • Excellent on Ball Machines
  • Comparatively Cooler Bounce
  • Fairly Priced for the Quality
  • I’m not biased, but the GOGO did a great job on this balls. There is not a single complaint that can be stated as a drawback. Rather some say, it’s a three-star ball with five-star quality.

6.iPong Table Tennis Ball Set (100 Count, 2-Star Quality) – Orange

iPong Table Tennis Ball SetDid you just pronounce iphone? Lol. The same thing happens to me every time I see the name iPong. In fact, people who are familiar with fake and cheap Chinese mobile phone names will get the joke. Anyways, these are 100-count two star and orange colored plastic balls, and iPong is a real brand in table tennis equipment. However, you cannot expect much from these.

For the price you pay, iPong balls might surely repay. But being two star balls, these are not the best ping pong balls to play actual games. Other than the fact, iPong comes with a hundred plastic balls in a reusable carry case. For practice sessions, they are cheap enough to keep your wallet calm.

Ball shape and construction is okay. And, works alright with ball machines, especially if it is an iPong trainer robot. Balls may not fly like ITTF approved balls, so if you are buying balls for serious competitions, skip these ones.

  • Works Best with iPong Equipments
  • Recommended for Solo Practices
  • Fair Quality for the Price
  • In some cases, you might get less than a hundred balls – that’s awkward. Naturally not good as three-star balls. I won’t recommend if you are not buying for practice and moderate game purposes.

7.EastPoint Sports 40mm Table Tennis Balls

EastPoint Sports 40mm BallsThese nice and firm out of the box balls are bouncy and professional. With the official size and weight, Eastpoint provides consistent bounce and spin. What else do you expect from a table tennis ball? If you have bought this for your cat, it will be happy as heck. You will find it chasing the ball rolling like crazy! Then if it is for your game, you are gonna be glad as well.

EastPoint balls drop a little more and are capable of taking hard slams. You get a good price for sturdy pieces of orbs. Play seven days a week, and Eastpoint balls could withstand your beating continuously. Responsiveness and speed go as they should, whereas balls are uniformed perfectly.

Lasts long enough, if compared to other three star balls in the market. Bounce seems consistent and the ball travels back and forth quickly. The Chinese manufactured balls offer excellent durability and spin. Furthermore, they tend to drop a little more.

  • Great Deal & Good Quality
  • Nice Plastic Material
  • Fits Properly in Solo Cup
  • Balls could not enter into your ball throwing robot in many cases. However, that is not the norm with the product. So you can order them anyway for your upcoming tournaments.

8.Killerspin 2-Star 6-Pack Table Tennis Balls

Killerspin 2-Star 6-Pack BallsReady to improve your game? You need to beat up loads of balls. So, let’s go economically while buying table tennis stuff. Killerspin 2-Star balls are one of those few to surpass Stiga balls.  Having that said, the 2-star balls are available in both white and orange colors. Plus, the quality is good enough for practice and working out sessions.

The quality balls allow marvelous spin and bounce, so you can focus on the game, and not on the ball. As these are made to take tortures, you do not have to measure your hits. They are durable and robust to create a dent.

You get more for the price it takes; more in the sense of quality, not quantity. If you have decided to go for a two-star balls pack, do not forget to consider this one for the time being. Who knows, maybe you would fall in love with it.

  • Thumbs up for the Price
  • Perfect on Training Sessions
  • All-round Great Two Start Ball
  • Tired of telling the same old shit; 2-star balls are never equivalent to 3-stars’. But there are levels of quality in each of the start graded balls. And, Killerspin did not compromise on that.

9.50-Pack KEVEN Z 3-Star 40mm Orange Table Tennis Balls

50-Pack KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm Orange ballDurable, seamless and wobble free – that’s all which mark for the best quality. Well, Kevenz manufactures their balls under strict supervision to meet these features. These three star balls are durable in construction and do not crack before thousands of hits. Nonetheless, a small carton holds 50 pcs of balls for you.

And, all these balls are okay for multi-ball training regardless, table tennis robots, casual tournaments etc. Even when you play other than table tennis with your cat, it will love these balls too. Keven’s superior spin, great bounce, and excellent control ensure a satisfaction in your play.

The balls will help you enjoy the game no matter if you are a professional or novice in the ping pong arena. The hardness of the balls is somewhat higher than other balls in the same price range. These are reliable in terms of size and shape. Rest assured, they are wobble-free when spun.

  • Perfectly Round in Shape
  • Does Not Wobble When Spun
  • Durable and Hard Enough
  • Consistent Bounce and Spin
  • Not a bad deal at all! But, the plastic used in construction could be better. You can also receive one or two pieces short on delivery. Apart from these, you have no reason to hate these balls.

10.STIGA 1-Star Multicolor Table Tennis Balls (6 Pack)

STIGA 1-Star Multicolor ballBefore you go on and make an obvious comment, these multicolor balls are made for recreational play. The 6-pieces set comprises 1-star ping pong balls in beautiful colors. Despite meeting the regulations by ITTF for size and weight, these are not yet official for tournaments play. However, bounce consistency hits 7 out of 10 with an overall rating scores 8 out of 10 points.

If you have got kids in your home, they will love this set. Be careful, as they might start fighting over certain colors. Lol. What is more, you have options left to choose from the color variations it offers. Planning to let your pet fish or cat play with these cute looking balls? Well, absolutely fine.

STIGA 1-Star Multicolor can sustain weeks of use, if not stepped on. With the basic features, the set is a complete delight for family recreations. Do not forget to check out the warning though.

  • More Colors, Pure Fun
  • Inexpensive One Start Package
  • Great trophy for Cats
  • Convenient Spin and Control
  • The ball contains a harmful chemical that is known for causing cancer and something like that. So, you got to wash your hands thoroughly after you play with these balls. This is according to the state of California’s research. But yet again, who wants potential risks?

Final Words

Ask your merit, which grade of balls do you need? If you are after professional competitions, go for 3-star balls only. Don’t even think of anything other than that.

But, if you are learning how to play table tennis, you have to have plenty of balls in your stock. For such case, 2-star or 1-star balls can be the best ping pong ball for your buck. Whichever the scenario is, stay focused and choose wisely.

Wanna grab the best ping pong paddles in town? We have a guide for you!


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